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On-site Reinstall OS of ZCAR1600 Solves Customer's Practical

Malaysia customer Mr.Ali bought one ZCAR-1600 Universal Relay Tester from our company and the tester be sent to Malaysia by plane of FedEx door to door on August last year. It takes about 5 days from China to Malaysia . When tester arrived to Mr. Ali office ,he felt very satisfied for the good quality wooden box package to protect the tester not be damaged and the tester appearance is also very nice.

universal relay tester
Recently we get some feedback for ZCAR-1600 Universal Relay Tester from Mr. Ali ‘company engineer Henry: the tester can not be bootup normally, and it just stop at  system boot interface.  The ZCAR1600 works with windows operating system, and a solid-state hard disk is used inside the tester, which can shut down directly without damaging system files.  Although both hardware and software have taken designs to prevent earthquake, anti-interference and sudden power failure, there are still very few cases that damage the system files, resulting in the failure of the ZCAR-1600 Universal Relay Tester to bootup normally.
universal relay tester abnormal
Our engineer check the problem with Henry online face-to-face, and send operational video of reinstall OS. Finally ZCAR-1600 Universal Relay Tester's OS is reinstalled successfully and everything works well.
universal relay tester work well

Mr. Ali and Henry expressed their gratitude and appreciation for our timely help and the restorability of the ZCAR-1600 Universal Relay Tester.

The ZCAR-1600 Universal Relay Tester is one of our hot-sale devices, it is highly accepted by different customer abroad and with many advantages:
1: Output 6 phase votage and 6 phase current.
2:  It can connect to computer and operate the tester by computer; colorful display, clearest test report.
3: Very portable ,the size and weight is very suitable for on-site tests

Providing high-quality products and professional and timely service for all users is our company's eternal goal. Every customer feedback problem and anomaly on the spot is also an opportunity to push our products forward. It is also a test for our service team. We sincerely welcome customer feedback and suggestions for improvement.