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Ubiquitous power Internet of things production promotes new

A new round of power transformation is flourishing and digital transformation is in the ascendant. As the basic industry and strategic support industry of the national economy, the State Grid Corporation has creatively put forward the strategic goal of "three-type, two-network and first-class in the world" to vividly build a strong smart grid and a ubiquitous power Internet of things, taking Xi Jinping's socialist thinking as a lesson, serving the overall situation of the Party and the country. The deep integration of power and digital technology has brought new power to the high-quality opening of power grid.
Innovation in Customer Service
"Citizen Electricity Industry for Citizen" is the centralized embodiment of the concept of "Citizen-centered" in the State Grid Corporation, and a high summary of the company's original intention and mission. New era brings new mission and new hostility brings new demands. Intelligent meters and the "Internet China Network" are two bright spots to meet the "new requirements".
Smart meters are a window for the company to face the society and a way for users to feel the advanced role of the power grid. Over the past decade, smart meters have been completely collected and covered up, and now they are expressed in 460 million smart meters. Under the background of making a ubiquitous power Internet of things, the long-term networking operation experience of these smart meters supply, combined with the new technology of "Big Cloud Moving Intelligent Chain", smart meters suitable for power Internet production demand emerged as the times require.
"In my early years, I didn't pay attention to the power consumption. With the new smart meter, recently I almost checked my household telecommunications information and electrical work every day, prompting myself to turn off the standby power-consuming appliances, which can save a monthly electricity expenditure." Zhang Huaming, a resident of the talent apartment in Tianjin Eco-city, Zhongxin, has indicated that the pilot application of the new smart meter is "very smart".
On May 7, this year, the new smart meter of intelligent apartment equipment in Zhongxin Tianjin Eco-city not only can accurately "identify" household appliances, but also can collect real-time information of household electrical load varieties and various electrical appliances consumption, and deal with the problems such as the inability of traditional meter to obtain single household appliances information and the inability of online monitoring operation. Together, the new smart meters can also provide energy-saving lessons for customers by fine monitoring of electricity consumption data and early warning analysis of energy consumption. With the gradual progress of the day's electrification level, this load identification technology will become a power-saving assistance for customers.
Along with the traditional window of the promotion meter, the company also pioneered a new window on the mobile client. On June 27, the company held an on-site Conference on the promotion of the whole network of "Internet China Network" in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It comprehensively recommended the promotion of the whole network of "Internet China Network" and accelerated the construction of the main import and international first-class power supply service lines of the ubiquitous Internet of Things service. App has absorbed and integrated the service channels of National Network Mall, Electric E-Bao, E-Charging and Guang E-Bao, and constructed a brand-new "5+N" service channel to provide convenient power, intelligent energy and other diversified services for customers of residence, electric vehicle, shop, enterprise operation and new power.
"Online China Network" has been recognized by users before it was promoted. On May 16, Zhang Wei, Director of Power Department of Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel, Zhejiang Province, looked at a series of intuitive charts depicting the characteristics of energy consumption structure of the "Green Hotel" module in the "Internet China Network" on his mobile phone, such as the average electricity consumption and daily electricity consumption per square metre. He lamented, "In the past, we had no intention to monitor energy consumption, and it was the power supply company that digged deep data to help us deal with it." This problem. Cost and operating budget management and control has an additional data support.
The intuition and convenience brought by "Internet China Network" is not only embodied in the application of enterprise users, but also in the opening of "Internet China Network" APP, which can complete a variety of business such as car-buying, pile-buying, pile-setting and power-receiving by filling in identity information at one time. Moreover, it can be seen that the business processing is carried out through dismantlement, and prompts the situation at that time from time to time. In this APP, customers only need to sign and stamp, can end the whole process of business online processing, the end of "not run once" and trudge customer understanding.
Together, the APP itself can provide precise marketing services for customers by analyzing their energy consumption behavior, guessing their consumption needs, and trudging through customer stickiness.
Whether it is to promote the use of "Internet China Network", finance industry expansion, photovoltaic, electric vehicles and other businesses, to serve imports together, end one-time customer registration, all-way use, government-enterprise data linkage, real-time information disassembly, or to travel customer service level with new smart meters, this is one aspect of the company's production of customer side ubiquitous in the Internet of Things.
In addition, the company has also turned over the production of extensive marketing service system of the Internet of Things, optimized customer service, metering and billing services, and other power supply services, ending the data sharing, business online, trudging customer participation and satisfaction, improving service quality, promoting the general power and other new business opening. These trekking services will be useful in dealing with the hostility between citizens'growing demand for electricity and inadequate power imbalance, so that the company can better "meet the demand for the day", provide more convenient and intelligent power supply services for the citizens, and meet the growing demand for energy for the citizens.
Traveling Business New Power
This year, the government's statement of operations proposed that we should create an industrial Internet channel and expand "intelligence +" to enable the manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade. Widespread use of information technology and intelligent technology in the power Internet of Things is the inevitable product of digital transformation in the field of power and power.