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circuit breaker tester

         The ZC-300B circuit breaker analyzer manufactured by Kvtester Technology Co., Ltd. can be used to test and measure the mechanical characteristics of high-voltage switches (such as vacuum, hexafluoride, less oil, oil, etc.) in order to keep the equipment technology constantly changing. The high level required in the environment, our technicians continue to research and test the product. This product is convenient to wire and easy to operate. It is the most convenient tool for high-voltage switch maintenance testing. Below is a picture of this instrument.

Kvtester-Circuit Breaker Analyzer
1.The instrument can automatically identify the fracture opening and closing state, and according to the reference state corresponding to the fracture tip and operation.

Independent 12 fracture, can detect and indicate the connection state of the fracture, facilitate the user to check the wiring.

Large screen LCD (320 * 240) LCD display, advanced gray screen, without reflection or black in the sun, and English characters graphic menu.