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What is automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester

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     1. What is automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester
     Automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester is a high-precision instrument for measuring the dielectric loss tangent value and capacitance of various high-voltage power equipment in power plant and substation.The frequency conversion technology can ensure the accurate measurement under the strong electric field interference.The instrument is operated by Chinese menu, and the whole process is measured by microcomputer automatically.

      2.  ZC-221 automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester has the following protection functions:

      A. High voltage short circuit protection;
      B. CVT overvoltage protection
      C. Instrument grounding is not well protected.

      3.The characteristics of automatic anti-interference dielectric loss tester are as following

      1. The instrument adopts complex current method to measure capacitance, dielectric loss and other parameters.The precision of the test results is high, which is convenient for automatic measurement.

      2. The instrument adopts frequency conversion technology to eliminate 50Hz power frequency interference in the field, and reliable data can be measured even in the environment of strong electromagnetic interference;

      3. The instrument adopts large-screen liquid crystal display, and the test process is intuitive and easy to operate through Chinese menu prompts;

      4. The instrument is easy to operate, and the measurement process is controlled by the microprocessor. As long as the appropriate measurement method is selected, the data measurement can be completed automatically under the control of the microprocessor

      5. Integrated model, with standard capacitor and high-voltage power supply, facilitates field testing and reduces field wiring

      6. The measurement accuracy of the instrument is high, which can meet the requirements of oil dielectric loss measurement. Therefore, the measurement of oil dielectric loss can be achieved only by equipped with standard oil cup and special test line

      7. With the CVT test function, self-excitation test of CVT can be realized. No external accessories are needed

      8. Reverse wiring test adopts ivddv technology to eliminate the previous phenomenon of unstable reverse wiring data

      9. It has reverse wiring low-voltage shielding function. When the 220kV CVT bus is grounded, 10kV reverse wiring dielectric loss measurement can be performed on the C11 without removing the wires
      10. With the function of measuring high voltage dielectric loss, able to use high voltage transformer or series resonance to conduct dielectric loss test over 10kV voltage;

      11. Grounding protection function. When the instrument is not grounded or has poor grounding, the instrument will not enter the normal procedure and output high voltage.Overcurrent protection, the instrument will not be damaged in short circuit or breakdown

      12. Electric shock protection function: when the operator of the instrument accidentally touches the electric shock, the instrument will immediately cut off the high voltage to ensure the safety of the test personnel.

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