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New Capacitive voltage transformer tester PTA-2000C

        About the new tester, I'd like to introduce the capacitive voltage transformer tester PTA-2000C for your reference. 

        PTA-2000C  can be used for VT,CVT,CCVT tests and our company is the only one manufacturer in local market. 

        It meets the following standards:
        1:    IEC 60042-2 for VT
        2:    IEC 60044-5 for CVT/CCVT
        3:    IEC 61869 -3 for VT (Supplementary requirements)
        4:    IEC 61869 -5 for CVT/CCVT (Supplementary requirements)
        5:    IEEE C57.13 for traditional transformers
        6:    ANSI C93.1 for CVT/CCVT

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