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How to ensure the accuracy of the high-voltage switch characteristic tester

:2024-05-31 15:50:25:

To ensure the accuracy of the high-voltage switch characteristic tester, the following aspects can be taken into consideration:

1. Choose high-quality equipment: When purchasing, choose a testing instrument brand with good reputation and reliable performance to ensure that the equipment itself has high accuracy and stability.

2. Correct operation and maintenance:

① Carefully read and understand the user manual of the tester to ensure that the testing is carried out according to the correct operating procedures.

② Regularly maintain and upkeep the tester, such as cleaning the casing, inspecting power cords, testing fixtures, and other components, to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.

③ Regularly calibrate the sensors and measurement systems of the tester to eliminate errors caused by long-term use or environmental factors.

3. Pay attention to the testing environment:

① Control factors such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure in the testing environment to avoid interference from environmental factors on the test results.

② Try to avoid external interference such as electromagnetic fields, airflow, and vibrations, and take measures such as sound insulation, magnetic isolation, and vibration isolation.

4. Ensure representativeness of samples: In order to obtain accurate test results, it is necessary to ensure that the tested samples are representative, that is, the samples should have similar working conditions and characteristics to those in practical applications.

5. Accurate measurement:

① Use precise measuring instruments for testing to ensure the accuracy of data.

② During the testing process, attention should be paid to observing whether the indicator lights, display screens, etc. of the tester are working properly, and promptly discovering and handling abnormal situations.

6. Statistics and analysis:

① Conduct a sufficient number of experiments and statistically analyze the experimental data to obtain more reliable test results.

② Compare data under different testing conditions, analyze possible influencing factors, and improve testing accuracy.

In summary, ensuring the accuracy of the high-voltage switch characteristic tester requires comprehensive consideration from multiple aspects such as equipment selection, operation and maintenance, testing environment, sample selection, precise measurement, and data statistics and analysis. Through these measures, the accuracy and reliability of test results can be effectively improved, providing strong support for the stable operation of the power system.


ZC-300B circuit breaker analyzer can be used to test and measure the mechanical characteristic parameters of high voltage switch ( such as vacuum, six fluoride, less oil, oil and other power systems. The measurement data is stable, strong anti-interference ability, can be in the 500KV level and below the power station to do experiments, wiring is convenient, simple operation, is the most convenient tool for high-voltage switch maintenance test.

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