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Fault analysis and troubleshooting methods for oil immersed test transformers

:2024-05-22 10:15:20:

Oil immersed test transformers play an important role in the power system, and their stability and reliability are directly related to the safe operation of the power system. However, due to various factors, various faults may occur during the operation of oil immersed test transformers. This article will analyze common faults in oil immersed test transformers and provide corresponding troubleshooting methods.

1. Common fault analysis

① Insulation aging: After long-term use, the insulation material will age, leading to a decrease in insulation strength. This may be due to quality issues with insulation materials, harsh operating environments (such as high temperature, high humidity, etc.), or prolonged service life.

② Winding short circuit: A short circuit occurs between windings or between windings and ground, which may be caused by insulation damage, moisture in the windings, or design defects.

③ Excessive oil temperature: During operation, due to excessive load or high ambient temperature, the oil temperature rises. This may be caused by cooling system malfunctions, poor heat dissipation, or unreasonable design.

④ Oil and gas leakage: Due to poor sealing or damage to the fuel tank, oil and gas leakage occurs. This may be caused by aging seals, improper installation, or external force damage.

⑤ Cooling system malfunction: The cooling system has malfunctioned, causing the oil temperature to be too high. This may be caused by factors such as damaged fans, blocked radiators, or improper cooling system design.

2. Troubleshooting methods

① Insulation aging:

Regularly conduct insulation tests to promptly identify and address insulation aging issues.

Strengthen operational environment management, maintain a dry and clean environment, and avoid the impact of harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity on insulation materials.

For insulation materials with severe aging, they should be replaced in a timely manner.

② Winding short circuit:

Check the winding connections to ensure good insulation between windings and between windings and ground.

For damp windings, drying treatment should be carried out.

For short circuit problems caused by design defects, improvements or redesigns should be made.

③ Oil temperature too high:

Check the operation of the cooling system to ensure that components such as fans and radiators are working properly.

Clean the radiator to avoid blockages that may affect the heat dissipation effect.

Adjust the load to avoid prolonged overload operation.

For poorly designed cooling systems, improvements or redesigns should be made.

④ Oil and gas leakage:

Check the sealing of the fuel tank and other sealing parts to ensure that the seals are not damaged.

Replace damaged seals to ensure good sealing of the fuel tank.

For leaks caused by damaged fuel tanks, they should be repaired or replaced.

⑤ Cooling system malfunction:

Check the power supply and control system of the cooling system to ensure normal operation.

Repair or replace faulty cooling system components, such as fans, heat sinks, etc.

For poorly designed cooling systems, improvements or redesigns should be made.

Through the above analysis and troubleshooting methods, various faults that may occur during the operation of oil immersed test transformers can be effectively solved, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the power system. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the daily maintenance and upkeep of equipment, improve its reliability and service life.


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