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How to choose a suitable microcomputer relay protection tester?

:2023-11-20 11:02:57:

The function of a microcomputer relay protection tester is to conduct power engineering tests on relays and check whether the performance of each level of the relay meets the requirements for safe operation of power engineering systems. The relay protection tester plays a protective role in experiments such as circuit automatic regulation, safety protection, and conversion circuits. Therefore, in preventive testing, whether the relay can work properly is very important. So how to choose a suitable relay protection tester?

According to the requirements of relay protection testers, they can be divided into single-phase, three-phase, and six-phase relay protection testers. If the user does not have high requirements for the use of the instrument, they can also choose a single-phase relay protection tester. The single-phase relay protection tester can only output single-phase current and voltage, with an old-fashioned style and slightly cheaper price. It is suitable for testing objects with low voltage levels and low accuracy.

The three-phase relay protection tester is currently a mainstream relay protection tester, which can output three-phase current and voltage, and can cover the current mainstream power transformers and relay protection testing. It has a wider application range and is not very expensive. It is currently a mainstream relay protection tester.

The six phase relay protection tester can output six phase current and voltage, and is capable of almost all transformer and relay testing work, with high application value. In the output of current intensity, there are various forms that can meet the characteristics of actual on-site testing. Its powerful software functions can achieve various highly automated technologies and complex verification tasks of large and medium-sized sizes. It also has the characteristics of high-performance hosts and flexible output of current intensity, greatly improving detection production efficiency. It not only has strong real-time data digital signal processing capabilities, but also has fast operation speed, high waveform accuracy, small frame loss, and good linearity.


ZCAR-1600C microcomputer relay protection tester adopts high performance industrial PC as the control microcomputer and Windows operating system can be run on it directly.The whole process of the test and the test results are displayed on the liquid crystal display screen. English interface, Clear, intuitive and convenient. ZCAR-1600A microcomputer relay protection tester is an important test tool to ensure the safety and reliability of power system operation.adopted modern latest new digital technology, high precision electronic parts, micro system with new circuits and new structure.It Can independently complete test of microcomputer protection, relay protection, excitation, measurement, fault recording and other professional fields tests, widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway, aviation, military and other industries of scientific research, production and electrical test site.

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