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What are the protection tests in the series resonance test

:2022-08-31 11:33:53:

The protection function of the series resonance test device can effectively protect the safety of the equipment during operation. However, in actual work, electric power workers still need to master the test method and conduct the test in strict accordance with the instrument. The following describes the protection function of the series resonance test device.


Flashover protection: in case of discharge breakdown of the sample, the device will quickly cut off the output voltage while disconnecting the power supply. The load of the high-voltage circuit will be released through the intermediate step-up transformer, which will not cause overvoltage or affect other equipment. "Flashover fault" will be displayed on the screen of the control console.

Overvoltage protection: the device can adjust the test voltage to prevent the test voltage from rising due to external reasons. When the test voltage exceeds the set value, the console will automatically cut off the circuit and prompt the voltage fault on the screen.

Overcurrent protection: in case of short circuit during the test, the control box will quickly cut off the power supply and prompt "current fault" on the screen.

Internal protection of equipment: when the internal equipment of the equipment is damaged, the thyristor in the DC circuit is quickly turned off. Cut off the DC power supply and cut off the AC power supply to prevent further expansion of the fault.

Quick disconnect protection: when the control circuit is short circuited, the main power switch is an air switch with quick disconnect function, which can cut off the fault and start the zero position protection. When the control box is started, the output terminal is always zero, there is no pulse signal and no voltage output. When the test voltage is close to 90% of the test voltage, it is prohibited to adjust the inductance to prevent excessive voltage damage to the test object when adjusting the inductance.

Overload protection: when the output current exceeds the set current, the control box will automatically close the output, and there will be corresponding prompt at this time.

Power off protection: when the power supply is suddenly cut off, the system can use the remaining power in the circuit to turn off the output signal in time to ensure the safe shutdown of the system.

Detuning protection: when the test system is detuning due to parameter changes caused by internal defects, the console will automatically close the output.

Anti seismic protection for transportation: anti vibration disk spring is designed at the bottom of the control box to cushion the vibration caused by rough road surface.


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