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How important is the grounding resistance tester to circuit safety?

:2022-08-11 14:33:57:

As we all know, in order to ensure the safety of the circuit during the operation of the power system, it is necessary to set the grounding. This ensures that after the circuit receives the internal overvoltage or lightning overvoltage, the current can find a safe distribution path to the ground through the grounding. So how to ensure the safety of electrical system grounding? Of course, it depends on the grounding resistance tester.

A poor grounding will directly block the circuit connection. In addition, if the circuit is poorly grounded, it is dangerous and may cause other system faults. When measuring the grounding system with loop, the grounding resistance tester does not need to disconnect the grounding lead and auxiliary electrode. It is safe, fast and easy to use. This is an important tool for circuit troubleshooting, which helps to maintain the normal operation of the circuit and the safety of maintenance personnel.

Therefore, power workers need to test all grounding of the power system every year to ensure the safety of the whole circuit, which is also part of the routine maintenance of the circuit. Through such regular inspection, if the resistance of the circuit is found to increase by more than 20%, the staff shall timely check the cause, eliminate the fault, replace the grounding rod or check the grounding system of the whole circuit to check whether there is a fault. Check for problems, reduce resistance and maintain circuit safety.

It should be noted that when using the grounding resistance tester for grounding operation, the operator should always wear insulating gloves, goggles and other power protection devices. If the electrode is grounded before it is grounded, it must be tested before the electrode is grounded. Direct and accurate measurements can now be made with the new instrument while the electrodes are still connected.


KST-410A large grounding grid grounding resistance tester is a special instrument for measuring the grounding resistance of grounding grid and the grounding conduction between grounding points. The instrument adopts frequency conversion anti-interference technology, and does not need large current measurement. It can measure accurate data of 50Hz in the strong interference environment of the substation. The measurement results are displayed by large screen LCD, and can be printed out by its own micro printer. The instrument can simultaneously measure the grounding impedance and grounding resistance, and can truly reflect the actual characteristics of the grounding grid.

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