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Analysis of five protection functions of DC high voltage generator

:2022-07-28 15:52:31:

The DC high-voltage generator developed and produced by Kvtester can conduct DC high-voltage tests on high-voltage electrical equipment such as zinc oxide arresters, power cables, transformers, generators, etc. It is a kind of equipment used by some power testing departments, such as mines, metallurgy, steel, electric power, etc. It adopts advanced technology and process manufacturing, applies new PWM high-frequency pulse width modulation technology, pulse train logic array modulation, adopts high-power IGBT devices, and uses high-frequency technology to increase the frequency to 100kHz, so as to achieve higher output high-voltage stability and smaller ripple coefficient. When using, there is no need to add a voltage divider, the wiring is simple, not afraid of discharge impact, and the anti-interference performance is good, which is suitable for field use.


The DC high-voltage generator has multiple protection functions, such as low-voltage overcurrent, low-voltage overvoltage, high-voltage overcurrent, high-voltage overvoltage, zero crossing protection, ungrounded protection and other protection functions. Let's learn more about them

1. Open circuit protection of internal pressure measuring circuit: when the internal pressure measuring resistance is open circuit, the pressure measuring signal line is open circuit, and the cable terminal is in poor contact. If there is no protection, the instrument voltmeter has no indication, but there is voltage at the high voltage end, which may cause personal injury accidents.

2. Overcurrent protection: when the high-voltage output is short circuited, the instrument will immediately cut off the output without damaging the instrument

3. Overvoltage protection: when the high-voltage output exceeds the set value of overvoltage, the instrument shall automatically cut off the output immediately to ensure that the test object will not be damaged by overvoltage.

4. Zero position protection: the potentiometer should be reset to zero boost to prevent voltage at the high voltage end from causing damage to human body and instruments.

5. Grounding protection: when the DC high-voltage generator is not grounded or poorly grounded, the instrument shall have grounding alarm and corresponding prompt, and cannot boost voltage, so as to prevent injury to human body and high-voltage DC generator.

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