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Principle of circuit breaker tester

:2022-07-19 10:54:37:

Circuit breaker, also known as high-voltage switch, is an important part of the stable operation of power system. Its performance directly affects the stability of power system. Therefore, after the circuit breaker is installed and put into operation, the mechanical performance test should be carried out regularly. There are many kinds of circuit breaker characteristic testers in the market, and the quality and function are uneven. How to choose the circuit breaker test whose function meets your own needs is very important.

ZC-300B high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester is the latest product developed by our company. According to the latest "high voltage AC circuit breaker" GB1984-2003 as the design blueprint, with reference to the electric power industry standard of the people's Republic of China "general technical conditions for high voltage test equipment" part 3, dl/ t846.3-2004 as the design basis, it provides convenience for the dynamic analysis of various circuit breakers, and can accurately measure the low oil, high oil, vacuum Mechanical and dynamic characteristic parameters of high voltage circuit breakers such as sulfur hexafluoride. The high-voltage circuit breaker is responsible for the dual tasks of control and protection in the power system, and its performance is directly related to the safe operation of the power system. Mechanical characteristic parameters are one of the important parameters to judge the performance of circuit breakers.


ZC-300B circuit breaker analyzer can be used to test and measure the mechanical characteristic parameters of high voltage switch ( such as vacuum, six fluoride, less oil, oil and other power systems. The measurement data is stable, strong anti-interference ability, can be in the 500KV level and below the power station to do experiments, wiring is convenient, simple operation, is the most convenient tool for high-voltage switch maintenance test.

Characteristics of ZC-300B high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester:

  1. The instrument can automatically identify the contact opening and closing state, and according to the reference state corresponding to the contact tip and operation.

  2. Independent 12 fracture, can detect and indicate the connection state of the fracture, facilitate the user to check the wiring

  3. The tester can store 50 groups of test results.

  4. Large screen LCD (320 * 240) LCD display, advanced gray screen, without reflection or black in the sun, and English characters graphic menu.

  5. Operation tips, user-friendly menu interface, easy to operate.

  6. The instrument has powerful function of graphic analysis, and the waveform and measurement data are displayed on the same screen.

  7. The utility model has the function of time delay protection, and the coil voltage can be automatically cut off after the circuit breaker is operated.

  8. The instrument can be divided into electric and manual test.

  9. For high and low voltage test, automatically find the lowest open or closing voltage.

  10. Reclosing test, can do parameters test for open-closing, closing-open and open-closing-open etc.

  11. Vacuum contactor (Single coil) parameter measurement.


It can be seen that ZC-300B high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester is very powerful, and it also meets many international test standards. It is also a circuit breaker tester with high cost performance.

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