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What problems should you pay attention to when testing trans

       With the continuous advancement of technology, Kvtester's transformer tester has also undergone great changes. The upgrade of the program and the use of the most advanced electronic technology and equipment, using computer technology and special electronic technology, combined with previous transformer testing The long-term basis of the instrument, the new product has complete functions, and has been well received by users. then users need to pay attention to when using this instrument?

Kvtester-transformer tester
       1.If the test line is short-circuited, the high and low voltages are reversed and the fuse will be blown. After the fuse is blown, if the measurement is made, then the display is "Measured, please wait!" and then stop, please turn off the power, replace the same capacity insurance, and retest.

       2.Keep the connection in good condition and the instrument should be well grounded!

       3.The workplace of the instrument should be kept away from strong electric fields, strong magnetic fields, and high-frequency equipment. The smaller the power supply interference, the better, the lighting line should be selected. If the power supply interference is still large, the AC purification power supply can supply power to the instrument. The capacity of the AC purification power supply can be greater than 200VA.