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Transformer tester features and features

        The winding deformation frequency response tester of the transformer tester is a process that quantifies the response changes of the internal winding parameters of the transformer in different frequency domains, according to the magnitude of the change amount, the magnitude of the frequency response change, and the trend of the regional and frequency response. To determine the degree of change in the internal winding of the transformer, and then based on the measurement results to determine whether the transformer has been severely damaged, whether it needs to be overhauled.

        So what are the functions and features of the transformer tester ?

Kvtester-Transformer no-load & load tester
      1.Acquisition control uses a high-speed, highly integrated microprocessor.

      2.Selecting precision and high-stability components, repeating the test for the same phase, the measurement repetition rate is above 99.5%.

      3.The instrument has the functions of linear sweep measurement and segmented sweep measurement dual measurement system, and is compatible with the current domestic two technical genre measurement modes.