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Introduction of the function of intelligent transformer cali

      The intelligent transformer calibrator is also called current transformer and voltage transformer calibrator. ZC-110 intelligent transformer calibrator is mainly used for CT and PT error verification. The intelligent transformer calibrator is used in measurement and power supply departments and transformer manufacturers, and is an ideal calibration instrument for transformer testing.

Kvtester-CT On-site Calibrator
       The main purpose of the intelligent transformer calibrator is to verify the technical performance of voltage transformers and current transformers used in the field or in the laboratory. In order to achieve this, the intelligent transformer calibrator must form a complete transformer calibration device with the relevant equipment. Since there is a close technical relationship between the performance indicators of the intelligent transformer calibrator and related equipment, in order to correctly study and understand the overall concept of the intelligent transformer calibrator, it is necessary to make a transformer calibration device. A basic understanding.

      Intelligent transformer calibrator function
1.5-inch LCD display, large viewing range, long-life backlighting, easy to use, better than many manufacturers' display technology.

      2.highly integrated: error, signal status is fully integrated on the display, intuitive

      3.highly intelligent: secondary open circuit, wiring error, ratio error, acute error and other alarm information directly displayed on the calibrator LCD

      4.automatic measurement of transformers, automatic switching of current and voltage load boxes, no need for human intervention switching