CT On-site Calibrator

CT On-site Calibrator

Type: ZC-110
         ZC-110 voltage transformer field calibrator is developed with high-end testing technology, large-scale electronic circuit design and in compliance with relevant national regulations. It can meet the user's measurement of the error (ratio, angular difference) of the current transformer. The high precision, good stability, small size and light weight greatly facilitate the user.
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Product Features
    1. 1%~120% (S class) regulation error (ratio, phase~angle difference) of national standard & non~standard test CT.
    2. 1%~120% (S class) any error (ratio, phase~angle difference) of national standard & non~standard test CT.
    3. Test and display the upper &lower limiting load and any error (ratio, phase~angle difference) of national standard test CT.
    4. Test and display any two groups actual load standard and any error (ratio, phase~angle difference).
    5. Test the known and the non~known CT ratio.
    6. 302*240 LCD, easy to connect wire and operate, convenient to carry.
    7. Can store and print all test results, convenient to users to review.
    8. Our portable power source is optional (rechargeable for 1 time, can test 100 current transformers).
Measurement Range 5A/5A~31500A/5A or 5A/1A~6300A/1A
CT Working Range 1%~120%
CT Secondary Load 2.5VA~300VA, COSϕ=0.1~1.0
CT Accuracy Range 1.0、0.5、0.5S、0.2;0.2S
Resistance Trans~admittance Error ≤5.0%
Resistance Trans~admittance Range R:0.00Ω~20.0Ω; Y:0.00mS~100.0mS 
Power Consumption 20VA
Measurement Accuracy 0.05S
Dimension 460mm×350mm×135mm
Weight 10kg

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