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How to use the clamp phase meter correctly

        The clamp phase meter is a simple and commonly used direct reading instrument for measuring high resistance. It can be used to measure the insulation resistance of circuits, motor windings, cables, electrical equipment, etc. There are three terminals on the megohmmeter marked with grounding (N), circuit (U) and guard ring (G). When using, the wiring should not only be correctly wired, but also the end buttons should be tightened. Note the following:

Kvtester-Clamp Phase Meter

        1.The device under test must be disconnected from other power sources. After the measurement is completed, the device under test must be fully discharged (about 2~3 minutes) to protect the device and personal safety.

        2.When the shake is measured, the clamp phase meter is placed in a horizontal position, and the handle is not short-circuited when the handle is rotated. When measuring capacitors and cables, the wiring must be disassembled while the crank is rotating, otherwise the reverse charging will damage the clamp phase meter.

        3.When shaking the handle, it should be slow and fast, evenly accelerate to 120r/min, and pay attention to prevent electric shock. During the shaking process, when the pointer has been pointed to zero, it can no longer continue to shake, in case the coil inside the watch is damaged by heat.