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What are the uses of three-phase phase voltammetry?

        ZC-610A   three-phase phase voltammeter is a multi-function measurement, push-button operation, automatic switching range, measured data retention, measurement data storage, large-capacity storage, and output vector map, which is very suitable for energy metering and power inspection. , power inspection and substation maintenance, relay protection and other differential detection, start test site use. It is also applicable to all electric power colleges as wiring identification training tools and teaching instruments. It is also suitable for use in large-scale power companies such as chemical, metallurgy, mining, and railways.


Kvtester-Clamp Phase Meter
        This table mainly has the following uses:
        1. Detect the phase relationship between the CTs of each group of relay protection;

        2. Check if the meter is wired correctly or not;

        3. Judging the speed of the electricity meter and reasonable collection of electricity charges;

        4. Discrimination of inductive and capacitive circuits;