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What should I pay attention to when using current transforme

         The standard current transformer is a transformer core made of high magnetic permeability soft magnetic material, high temperature protection heat treatment, high-strength polyester enameled wire for primary and secondary coils, and wound with low absorption rate, insulating material, coil surface cover Paint treatment, the lead-end conductive rods have enough contact area to ensure stable performance and safe and reliable operation. ZC-510 series standard current transformer products are widely used in research units, laboratories, production plants, current magnitude transfer, precision current measurement, and standard transformers.


Kvtester-High current generator
        Matters needing attention when the transformer is installed:

        1. The primary winding repeating power frequency withstand voltage test shall be performed at 80% of the specified voltage value.

        2. The secondary winding of the voltage transformer must not be short-circuited, otherwise the transformer will be burnt.

        3. When the current transformer passes current once, the secondary winding must not open the circuit, otherwise the high voltage will be generated twice, which has an impact on product performance and personal safety. Short circuit when the current transformer has a winding resistance.