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Inverter transformer field calibrator

         The CTA-1000C variable frequency transformer field calibrator is based on the traditional volt-ampere characteristic variable ratio polarity comprehensive tester based on voltage regulator, booster and current booster. It has extensively listened to users' opinions and passed a large number of A new generation of innovative CT and PT test instruments developed after market research and in-depth theoretical research. The device adopts high-performance DSP and FPGA, advanced manufacturing technology to ensure stable and reliable product performance, complete functions, high degree of automation, high test efficiency, and is at the leading level in China. It is a professional testing instrument for transformers in the power industry.

         The CT analyzer  is a relatively common instrument used in production, industrial areas, new energy and other industries.

         CT analyzer meets preventive tests in the power sector and meets the handover test of engineering units and cabinet companies

         CT analyzer On-site verification of current transformers eliminates the need for standard current transformers, current regulators, load boxes, voltage regulation control boxes, and high-current conductors. It uses extremely simple test wiring and operation to verify current transformers, greatly reducing the work. The strength and work efficiency are improved, and the on-site verification of the transformer is facilitated on site.

Kvtester-CT Analyzer