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Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things to build 27 provincial c

At the beginning of this year, state grid corporation of China put forward the strategy of manufacturing "three types and two networks" world-class power Internet enterprises. On March 8, state grid corporation of China held a meeting to fully arrange the pan-electric Internet of things manufacturing. Extensive attention has been paid to the ubiquitous power Internet of things.
Now, the state grid provincial companies in the electricity Internet of things manufacturing how to have what bright spots and roleState grid Beijing electric power
State grid Beijing electric power adhere to high standards, strict requirements, strong demonstration, pay attention to details, will 2019 36 key manufacturing mission breakdown into 117 manufacturing sub-items, through weekly and monthly reports, scheduling consultation and other methods, comprehensively strengthen overall control, progress and implementation results.
With "thing north and south in" it is crucial:
Central central area in the new China set up 70 years of severe power supply to ensure the full use of intelligent terminal perception skills, real-time control of the grid, equipment, personnel, vehicles and key areas to ensure the operation of the situation, satisfied with the mission.
Southern daxing international airport after integration of 11 sets of internal and external department system, 9 types of intelligent collection terminal, 3 types of induction of dynamic data, and get through the camp and distribution process, began to complete the "three flow in one", for the smooth navigation airport supply service guarantee.
The sub-center of the eastern city has finished the administrative operation area, the induction pipe corridor and other key areas distribution network operation information gathering monitoring, promoting the world first-class distribution network and intelligence operation and maintenance integration.
Shijingshan in the west and yanqing in the north are surrounded by the elements of the winter Olympics, and completed the production of zhizhi open and close stations, ac-dc hybrid distribution network, etc., to provide high-quality holographic perception services for the winter Olympics organizing committee, winter Olympics venues and other important customers. Other, green electricity business business expansion operation has been completed surplus transmission business method, and pilot implementation.
State grid tianjin electric power
Since 2019, its tianjin power accelerated drive extensive in the power of things in the first floor, the world's first full build power reform forward city, the world's first two net "" three type ground model city, town in manufacturing city power large data center, intelligent power such as a number of serious project, to power grid, give play to the role of ways and Shared, support and wisdom city turn, promoting industrial transformation promotion, customers marching with can relate to that.
Create "ecological livable" ecological city huifengxi intelligent power town, arrange new smart electricity meters for the first batch of pilot residents of talent apartment, and provide customers with portable "family power housekeeper" energy efficiency analysis Suggestions; Make beichen zhangzhuang "production-city-intensive" intelligent power town, adjust the optimal energy supply scheme in real time, maximize the use of wind, light, geothermal and other renewable power, energy saving of 2 million degrees per year.
To create a provincial power big data center, give full play to the value of data sharing. Build the city "intelligence and power brain", launch the analysis of industrial energy, park vivid analysis, night economic analysis and other power big data application, for the government to report "electricity to see the economy" digital economy analysis Chen said. After industry, operation and major customer electricity consumption changes, study and judge the whole situation of tianjin economy opened; Big data analysis on industrial structure, regional opening, project investment, private economy, manufacturing transformation and other aspects of the power supply monitoring method for the implementation of tianjin micro policy.
The world's first fully autonomous live operation robot with distribution network has been successfully developed. By the "model of the era" "transformation vanguard" "the seventh national moral model" "the most beautiful striver" zhang lian-led development of the full autonomous distribution network live operation robot, single-arm man-machine cooperation distribution network live operation machine has opened the pilot use, will be completed in tianjin within the year industrialization and promotion.
State grid hebei electric power
State grid hebei electric power to "two network blend, open to share, the format of innovation" as the criteria, agile constitute hebei pan-electric Internet of things "230 project" manufacturing program.
Xiongan and zhengding successfully selected the induction demonstration area of state grid corporation of China, zhuhe city multi-function intelligent power station was the first in China, tayuanzhuang intelligent power service ecological circle began to be constructed, the urban intelligent power management and control system of xiongan new area, the digital project processing approach of xiongan power network and other systems were applied in practice.
Baoding electric power and things center thoroughly constitute a municipal level two network open feasible scheme, intelligence business hall and other projects face the 2019 world Internet of things expo, pan-electric Internet of things manufacturing obtained "hebei province modern service industry open special funds" support.
State grid north hebei electric power
Induction demonstration engineering manufacturing: zhangjiakou power Internet induction demonstration establishes a panoramic holographic intelligence command path, and constructs 7 kinds of transaction scenes around the winter Olympics power protection and clean power consumption. Collect massive single machine data of new power in full amount on the source side, establish a scattered power panoramic monitoring system, and complete the monitoring and analysis optimization of new power consumption; In the pilot intelligent circuit on the side of the network, 702 sets of various intelligent collection and monitoring equipment were arranged, and the 3d panoramic visualization way of zhangbei converter station was opened for manufacturing, and the panoramic data perception and accurate analysis and control were completed. In the Netherlands, the clean heating project in the small town of auschet was taken as a pilot project to promote the induction service of renewable power around the venues of the winter Olympics and along the transportation lines, so as to build a dynamic Internet ecosystem. Beidaihe induction demonstration to strengthen the distribution network side, the customer side of the intelligent perception and data sharing and integration, relying on the distribution of active system to make the beidaihe region panoramic monitoring way, open the mobile energy storage application, moving power supply reliability.
Special pilot work: completed the development of control system of virtual power plant, opened the virtual power plant into peak regulation and auxiliary service mall related work; Comprehensive recommendations on manufacturing operations of the iap system, promoting the development of iap processing centers and edge iap products; Completed the 5G network arrangement of 110 kv substation on the east slope of zhangjiakou, and turned over the mobile inspection robot and other affairs for verification; The operation method of "one terminal" was researched and verified successfully in 14 power supply stations in 13 counties and 5 prefectures.
Fundamental manufacturing supports: complete integration "state network cloud" and whole affairs data center just adjust comment and optimize march forward, promote enterprise data center to make steadily, push together according to need data model landing is applied, support digitized audit, contemporary (intelligence) supply chain, multidimensional lean is analysed wait for crucial use. Promote the integration of mobile terminals, complete the integration of more than 6,000 terminals and eight mobile application transformation on shelves, complete the full amount of mobile terminals and mobile application on shelves.
"Longchao way", an intelligent patrol control approach independently developed by state grid north hebei electric power, is a uav command, control and protection operation approach integrating power supply, border accounting and intelligent control. The operation and inspection personnel can intelligently control all kinds of intelligent equipment distributed in the line, engineering vehicle and substation independently by clicking the mouse in the centralized control center, and finish the patrol and inspection easily.
State grid shanxi electric power
State grid shanxi electric power after the creation of "three channels", thick promote the pan-electric power Internet of things from the policy vision to create a real scene.
To build a sharing channel for the sharing of resources in the power grid. Make full use of new skills such as "big cloud", give full play to the link role of the power grid and the connection role of the ubiquitous power Internet of things, and promote the all-time connection with power generation enterprises, power sales companies, inductive power service providers, customers and other insignificant subjects. Through the use of scattered photovoltaic "group control group modulation", accurate load conjecturing, wind power photovoltaic energy storage primary frequency modulation, power grid side energy storage and other methods, the traveling system perception scheduling is adjusted, the new power is converted into stable and reliable power, and the power abandoning rate of the new power is kept below 1.5% after completion.
Create a way to use intelligence and energy for service. This approach can complete the interaction between the customer and the power supply company. Perceive the distribution of household energy use structure and the changing trend of energy use of various electric appliances, and push the analysis function of residents' energy use perception in the processing station area for the manager of the station area. The desk manager can interact with the residents of the desk area, and the customer can know the situation of the family. At the same time, it can also perceive the operating conditions of charging pile customers and monitor the defects of charging pile equipment.
Create distribution network visualization approach. After deep cutting using smart meter measurement data, using GIS way contact distribution network topology analysis with variable step by step, the condition of line stoppage, distribution network distribution initiative in visual way to deal with the temporary equipment shutdown did not cover area can't accurately grasp the problem, make the distribution network operation control more precise and power supply service more efficient command, boost distribution network "little power, no power" policy.
State grid shandong electric power
State grid shandong electric power clear "load reduction, quality, efficiency, safety" annual manufacturing policy, after 5 dimensions of the policy and 22 key manufacturing mission, promote the pan-internet of things manufacturing.
Burden reduction: integration of mobile terminals, completion of "one terminal, one login, multi-scene application", travel industry expansion, site inspection and other typical work site operation power more than 30%, reduce the front-line staff operation industry burden. Complete the function development of enterprise-level power grid resource center and complete the first system evaluation. Optimize the distribution equipment root data protection process and the operation and distribution data throughout the process.
In terms of quality improvement, the artificial intelligence channel has been built, 21 kinds of intelligent services have been launched, and it has been successfully applied in 6 majors, including marketing and safety supervision, to promote the artificial intelligence enabled power grid affairs. We will continue to promote the manufacturing of intelligence supply chain, and complete the on-line operation of 39 supply chain scenarios, including "building a demand program repository".
Efficiency enhancement: the founding enterprise "one chain processing" and residents "face to do electricity", optimize the business environment, promotion customer experience. High quality to build the pan-customer side intelligence and material link ecosystem, for specialized customers, on demand to provide equipment risk analysis, energy consumption horizontal comments, environmental protection equipment monitoring and other services.
Power grid security: the online dynamic monitoring system of "source, network and Netherlands" has been built and verified by actual combat
Under the condition of losing 6.5 gigawatts of power, we could recover the power balance of the whole province within 10 minutes, which provided skills support and practical experience for preparing for large-scale power failure.
State grid Shanghai electric power
The intelligent perception laboratory was built. On March 28, the first pan-electric Internet of things laboratory in China, "pan-electric Internet of things intelligent perception laboratory", was built by state grid Shanghai electric power and Shanghai jiaotong university. The laboratory can guarantee the holographic perception of power grid equipment through the functional evaluation of intelligent perception equipment, complete the extensive interconnection of power transmission, transformation and distribution equipment, and collect information in depth, and together form the processing support path of ubiquitous power Internet of things. This is the state grid Shanghai electric pan-electric iot manufacturing the first serious role.
Virtual power plants require care. In may, state grid Shanghai electric power opened in the electric Internet of things scene of virtual power plant global induction demand care. Virtual power plants to supply power grid with another kind of method of active control, make the grid a client side adjustable resources that ties of the contract and the way, will allow each power customers can together form a controllable power resources, according to the power grid operation requirements and proactive scheduling condition, the completion of the elasticity of demand, supply and demand coordination and social power optimization to use all the resources. The application of virtual power plant makes safe operation and clean power consumption of Shanghai urban power grid better guaranteed.
"Intelligent power 2.0". Its power for the second into the expo 2019 Shanghai tailored in electric power network intelligent power supply guarantee system, in the west hongqiao area (including into the expo center) pilot use of mobile communications, artificial intelligence and other modern information skills and advanced communication skills, the completion of each link all interconnected power system, human-computer interaction, create situation awareness, comprehensive information efficient processing, using the quick and adjustable in the power of things, and power into the expo power supply to ensure promotion to the "talent protect electricity 2.0" method. The west hongqiao area has now further completed the "6 9" (i.e. 99.9999% +) ultra-high power supply reliability. This approach has reached and even crossed Tokyo, Paris, Singapore and other cities, reached the world class level.
State grid jiangsu electric power
State grid jiangsu electric introduced the pan-electric iot manufacturing program in 2019, admitting 36 manufacturing missions in 11 categories. Now, pan-electric iot manufacturing has achieved several functions:
On May 9, the adjustment test of "active solitary grid" of the dynamic harmonious control system in tongli region was successful, and the seamless and off-grid switch of the mixed distribution network of medium and low voltage ac and dc was completed at the initial stage in China.
The first "multi-station integrated" full-dc prefabricated data center in China was also put into operation in the power Internet demonstration area of gusu tongli region, which constituted the comprehensive application of the energy efficiency evaluation system of "equipment-customer-operation-area".
In the 110-kilovolt nanmen substation in lishui district, nanjing, jiangsu province, a robot is patrolling around the field. The station fully USES intelligent sensing components, wireless private network, edge and other equipment, becoming the first intelligent fully sensing substation put into operation in China.
On July 9, the power wireless private network was put into operation in nanjing, and the power wireless private network of 1.8g Hertz was first completed in nanjing.
State grid zhejiang electric power
On August 29, zhejiang jiaxing city power Internet induction pilot demonstration project after zhejiang province power bureau inspection, China's first city power Internet demonstration project in zhejiang. This is the state grid zhejiang electric power first root manufacturing "three type two network" world first-class power Internet enterprise practice. Around the ubiquitous electricity Internet of things manufacturing, state grid zhejiang electric power is deepening the construction of up and down linkage, open up a diverse, inclusive and Shared power interconnected ecological system, on the road to innovation to better practice "citizens electricity for citizens.
All over zhejiang there are numerous activities. Jiaxing he into a "multi-station integration" intelligent power station manufacturing has confessed to pilot funded operation program. Feasibility certificate of completion of water-cooled green data center of zhejiang jinshuitan power plant. Zhejiang shaoxing power supply company has deepened the brand image of "shuangcheng electric housekeeper", created the operation method of "real-time monitoring + long-distance storage", and provided one-stop service from manufacturing to operation and maintenance for more than 300 contracted customers. Zhejiang tongxiang city power supply company and local Banks for high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises to open the power equipment "power loan" "power rent" service. Zhejiang hangzhou power supply company pilot operation power accounting service soledar elderly system module, will be in the power Internet of things technology applied to the community daily service.
The three induction and demonstration projects of pan-hangzhou bay power Internet of things, ningbo meishan intelligent power Internet of things, and wuzhen Internet light power Internet of things are being carried out, which will also contribute to the construction of power Internet ecosphere in the continuous expansion of external affairs and the continuous progress of customer service quality.
State grid anhui electric power
State grid anhui power system promotes pan-electric Internet of things manufacturing "2+3+N" mission depth and speed, and has achieved a number of new results.
In June, China's first "uhv +5G" base station was built at the ±1100 kv guquan converter station. According to the support of 5G skills, guquan converter station has completed the return of 4K hd video, and built a "hd video + robot + mobile terminal" man-machine collaborative joint inspection. The inspection of equipment and environment in the station is more comprehensive, timely and accurate. In the future, with the continuous promotion of pan-electric Internet of things manufacturing, guquan converter station will become an uhv intelligent converter station with comprehensive awareness of equipment condition, active transmission of communication network, sharing and sharing of multi-source data, and intensive and efficient transaction control.
The operation data of "station -- line -- variable -- table -- household" was collected after completion of binhu demonstration area in hefei, which provided accurate positioning of useful support defects and active emergency repair. The uniform moment when the pilot area arrived at the emergency repair site decreased from 32 minutes to 15 minutes, and the annual uniform power failure time of customers decreased from 96 minutes to 51 minutes.
State grid anhui electric power co., LTD integrated power data and government data according to the method of multi-table integration of government and enterprise business cooperation, established a corresponding map, and created a way to share power data. It completed the copying and collection of water meters for 51,000 households in jin 'an district, lu 'an city. The first inductive power service pilot project in jiangsu province is located in suchu development zone, establishing an intelligent power service path with power supply service as the link, and gradually covering up the monitoring of water, gas, cold, heat and other power consumption, providing inductive power services for the park and enterprises such as energy efficiency analysis and equipment maintenance.
State grid fujian electric power
Its extensive in fujian electric power driven all electricity iot, focus on policy + characteristics "fujian" headquarters "top planning + the underlying active" "demo first + verify promotion" + "iterative evolution distance as a whole," "+ useful effect" of demand and so on 5 +, promote the processing method from market change to change, and it is Shared operating from information to digital change.
State grid fujian electric power co., LTD., in accordance with the hierarchical management and control guidelines, coordinated and promoted the manufacturing of 59 pan-internet of things projects in 2019. Accelerate the promotion of xiamen power Internet, longyan shanghang gutian intelligent power town and fuzhou junmen community intelligent power community induction demonstration project manufacturing, after the first trial, play a pilot project demonstration leading role.
State grid fujian electric power surround camp distribution throughout, multi-dimensional lean processing system transformation, shwu ID three key areas open data processing, throughout the transaction process, break the professional barriers, create the business center, from the source to promote processing transformation, professional collaboration and service sharing. Together and focus on building "way + ecology" intelligence power service system, promote root resources operations, according to research method of commercial operation of a variety of methods, has completed the equally tower typical planning, national first "multistation blend" switching station in xiamen lake, station was put into operation and sanming 4 5 g base stations, mobile company and application of longyan power 5 g of mobile company jointly set up different operation room, thou farmland demonstration zone 2 5 g test site arrangement; For communication operators and Internet companies to provide data public services, turn over multi - station integration manufacturing. Now, xiamen wangdeng transformation and fuzhou dong fengchang multi-station integration pilot project enter the stage of feasibility study and conclusion of state grid corporation.
State grid hubei electric power
State grid hubei electric power around holographic perception, ubiquitous in connection, open with enjoy, mingxin innovation four key directions, super operation key, clear 37 key manufacturing mission, vividly promote "intelligence of things linked system manufacturing" and other 3 state grid companies push pilot projects, high standards promote ubiquitous in the power Internet of things manufacturing.
Now, the wuhan military games intelligent power protection command system, substation intelligent robot joint active patrol pilot manufacturing, shiwu ID manufacturing has been checked by the state grid corporation of China. Relying on the whole business, state grid hubei electric power co., LTD constructed an operation data service channel together with the data center, equipped with more than 100 data products including "real-time monitoring of distribution network" and "simultaneous line loss data processing".
The intelligent power protection command system of the wuhan military games was put into use, and the large-screen display interface and comprehensive function module development were completed. The 25 transaction systems including the intelligent robot inspection system have all been connected to the joint debugging and successfully passed the pressure inspection.
Collect the shift team to reduce the load and increase the efficiency, develop a series of data application such as the shift team perspective window, real-time monitoring of distribution network, 18 sets of information system of off-line and reducing the shift team, optimize and delete 14 unreasonable inspection policies, to help the bottom shift team reduce the load and increase the efficiency.
Promote intelligent power induction service way, provincial, city and satisfied customers tertiary use requirements, the completion of light energy, Taurus LTD, hubei wanhu wisco ezhou pellet plant more than 150 households with access to data, such as the completion of customer equipment layer of condition parameters such as current, voltage, power monitoring and comparative analysis, supply intelligence electric service.
Vigorously promote the port electricity demonstration project along the Yangtze river, rely on intelligent vehicle network approach, independent development of the vehicle and ship integrated shore power cloud network service approach. Up to now, the Yangtze river three gorges shore power operation company has completed the port ships shore power access 1,151 times, charging 3.125 million kilowatt-hours, the implementation of the Yangtze river protection strategy, to protect the green mountains.
State grid hunan electric power
This year, state grid hunan electric power issued 2019 pan-internet of things manufacturing 173 operational missions. "Turn over with
State net fujian enjoys "is important behavior.
State grid hunan electric power to data penetration as the key, efforts to promote the digital transformation, the completion of a entry, everywhere and a data with the end, processing data 31.93 million, large data quality. Together, do a good job of the bottom of the information system integration, the bottom line workers from the repeated tedious data entry liberation.
The pilot manufacturing of intelligent substation is an important window to show the manufacturing effect of ubiquitous electric Internet of things and an important project to promote the implementation of "three types and two networks" strategy. State grid hunan power vigorously promote the "three stations in one", now has completed the furong station project. Furong energy storage power station has a capacity of 52,000 KWH, which is the largest single capacity in China. It is estimated that after the completion of changsha battery energy storage power station, it can supply 120,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity during the peak period of daily consumption, satisfying the needs of 300,000 households.
On September 4, hunan hengyang zhuhui district 110 kv shizishan substation intelligence substation demonstration project commencement ceremony, marking the state grid hunan electric power opened "according to the wisdom of the electric power Internet of things substation" manufacturing new era.
State grid henan electric power
High quality push power big data induction demonstration engineering manufacturing. Set up the provincial coal, oil, gas, electricity, new power and other power data collection mechanism, the use of big data mining and analysis skills, the completion of planning above industrial operation situation monitoring, henan province power monitoring early warning and planning processing and other 6 use scenarios main function development, satisfied with the government power planning and supervision needs.
Collected lankao nearly five years of population, GDP and other five categories of annual economic accounting data and oil, electricity, gas, heat four categories of monthly power accounting data, lankao power Internet approach and power database function development online, began to complete lankao county power operation considerable measurable. Under the arrangement of lankao government, state grid henan electric power completed data confirmation (ownership, processing and utilization) with 15 enterprises including CGN, kunlun gas and sinopec.
Manufacturing together with the release of big data scene, completed the online operation of 12 application scenes of power production, operation and processing and quality service, and the total number of visits by units at all levels has reached 21,000 since the release.
The national preliminary application of 5G skills practice to the converter station annual maintenance, the use of 5G network completion processing personnel on zhengzhou zhongzhou ultra-high voltage converter station key maintenance process real-time digitalization, networking, visual synchronization control.
The practice of 5G technology will be applied to the annual overhaul of converter stations (zhongzhou converter stations) at the beginning of the whole country.
State grid jiangxi electric power
State grid jiangxi electric power vivid implementation of safety responsibility, social responsibility and corporate responsibility, in the moving distribution network manufacturing operations, the moving customer service only adjustment, the moving operation performance processing three aspects of induction efforts to accelerate the ubiquitous power Internet of things manufacturing.
State grid jiangxi electric power will be key around yingtan induction demonstration area manufacturing, turn over the intelligent meter full cover promotion transformation, the root of the data path optimization progress, ubiquitous distribution Internet of things full transaction control path manufacturing and other operations. cIn the demonstration area, yingtan 110 kv western suburb substation is taken as the pilot supply area. The equipment station line identification machine can break through the "station - line - transformer - household" system: after topological contact and active identification and verification, the pilot station line conversion accuracy is 100%. After the middle and low voltage power failure operation minute level grinding positioning, complete power failure notice to the household accuracy of 100%; Distribution network equipment can turn over the capacity sharing rate over 80%, complete scattered power supply and other reverse transmission risk point panoramic control.
Up to now, the yingtan induction demonstration area has accumulated 1801 HPLC (high-speed broadband narrow-wave) smart meters completely cover adaptive table area transformation, replacing 1801 converters, 121,659 meters, 76190 modules, and it is estimated that 197,849 customers will benefit. At present, 145,000 smart electricity meters have been applied to the electricity metering of residents in yingtan, which can obtain the minute level data of residents' electricity load and finish the real-time monitoring of electricity consumption data.

State grid liaoning power
On June 14, in order to complete the nearby application of data, explore the potential data value, and complete the policy of "holographic perception and ubiquitous connection" in the electric power Internet of things, the state grid liaoning electric power completed the regional edge accounting center in dalian, which is useful to support the dalian urban power Internet induction and demonstration project.
Area edge after accounting center was put into operation, completed the dalian local collection data usefully applied directly, rapidly treatment for too long can not be real-time data transmission link, the completion of collecting electricity rate by T + 1 level -to minutes frequency, shorten the uniform defect repair time, after 15 minutes of power supply service circle, near real-time data processing terminal.
After the regional border accounting center was put into operation, the local data collected in dalian was quickly and effectively used.
State grid jilin electric power
State grid jilin electric power in the intelligent payment of comprehensive promotion of the foundation, the end of the province's capital intensive control, the end of the provincial electricity charge direct collection. This action makes electric charge affairs on the whole line intensive, intelligent processing, deposit more, more accurate marketing data.
In power since the iot manufacturing, its Chinese jilin power with a new perspective of power big data resources, vivid and jilin province financial supervision bureau and local each big commercial bank and docking, in view of the government, the bank customer demand, to broaden the use of electricity data in the financial sector scenario, the completion of commercial operation of intelligent power big data products, national founding "power big data and financial service," a new way of system integrating the mutually enjoy mutually beneficial, use digital reputation become financial property "trimming + jilin" samples, promote to build open, collaborative work, mutual benefit and win-win progress dynamic Internet industry ecology.
Through the aggregation of power big data resources and bank financial service resources, financial institutions are encouraged to increase the support amount for credit enterprises and enterprises with normal production and operation, simplify the credit granting process, and optimize financial services, forming a virtuous circle of "data products -- bank credit granting -- financial innovation -- enterprise -- credit credible power".
New methods, new forms of business and new services are three important dimensions for jilin electric power to promote the implementation of ubiquitous power iot manufacturing. The company will continue to open product iteration promotion, gradually in the province's planning to form electricity data to help enterprises financing, help enterprises to open, help jilin Renaissance long-term mechanism. Together, establish external data service channels, provide data, data products and big data analysis services for the government, financial institutions, environmental protection, climate and other operations.State grid heilongjiang electric power
In accordance with the two-stage strategic arrangement of manufacturing ubiquitous power Internet of things, state grid heilongjiang electric power co., ltd. has pooled resources and energy to fully promote the implementation of its manufacturing mission. The company adhere to the first trial, innovation lead, combined with the new demand of "digital dragon river" manufacturing, effectively do 7 special pilot mission, open 4 radical research on innovation and 6 expanded mission, really do high standard recommendations, high power promotion, high quality landing.
As the first batch of national grid company multistation blend manufacture and operation of the pilot units, its heilongjiang electric power hold manufacturing two net "" three type a world-class power Internet enterprise strategic break period, in order to set data center, energy storage station, 5 g base stations, power box, fog way of multistation blend as the breakthrough point, opened the pan in the power of things to make a new chapter.
On July 10, Harbin Sofia church and flood prevention memorial tower after high-definition camera and 5G technology, real scene real-time global release, video data is stored in the state grid heilongjiang power 220 kv hasi substation data center.
In order to carry out daqing oilfield "three for one industry" power supply property acceptance transformation as the key, state grid heilongjiang electric power to do a good job distribution Internet of things demonstration area project manufacturing.
State grid heilongjiang electric power deepening ubiquitous Internet full scene network data rehabilitation destruction system manufacturing, further progress ubiquitous power Internet of things electronic data full scene full process data rehabilitation and destruction only transferred; Get through the way of connecting the information of Harbin new district government service "one netcom office" and "Internet state network", and complete the online access to customer information and information interconnection.
State grid heilongjiang electric pan-in power Internet of things multi-station integration project is entering the fast track of commercial operation.
State grid mengdong power
Its MengDong power is the key project plan preparation, combined with MengDong and large span, low wind power generation, clean power enrichment characteristics, deepen the push "source network charge storage interactive ShangChangHua clean power given" the key project, and the whole load new skills such as energy storage, can change a new use, give play to the role of a good demo project. For the two pilot projects and the two self-expanding projects, try to constitute a typical role and a scalable method in terms of skill programs, implementation strategies, new services and business methods. Solid promotion of the conventional mission, accelerate the construction of enterprise data processing system, open data access and integration, gradually completed the data accounting at the same time, active report generation. Strengthen the new mobile operating terminals and the use of coordination, root out the "one person multiple terminals" problem. Promote the integration and collaboration of multi-dimensional lean processing and whole transaction process. On schedule to complete the modern supply chain system 27 scenarios.
On September 26, the state grid mengdong electric power held the fifth operation meeting of the operation group of the demonstration project of source network and load storage, with an important effort to promote the manufacturing of pilot projects according to the milestone plan, and the implementation of all the manufacturing operations in the electric Internet of things. The company from the policy and skills to break down two aspects, constitute a continuation of the open method. On the level of skills, the eastern region of mengdong choose electric regenerative heating method, in line with the needs of the regional open, but also to deal with the new power and power grid opened in harmony, can continue to open the important way. At the policy level, vivid planning is conducive to the implementation of the clean heating policy electricity price system and support policy, constitute the network source collaborative drive mechanism. Together, the company to deepen the development of open mechanism research, set up a special research group, to deepen the discussion of new power and heat storage electric heating project commercialized business clean heating open mechanism.
State grid shaanxi electric power
Relying on "project processing approach", shaanxi electric power of state grid comprehensively arranged the application of "1+1+4" (a visual approach, a big data approach, four main lines of transactions and linkage related parts), completed the manufacturing policy of "digital -- full transaction ecology" system processing, and assisted the manufacturing of electric power Internet of things.
In early march, the project processing approach developed by the state grid shaanxi electric power co., LTD completed phase I manufacturing, completed the industrial environment of "full transaction data ecosphere" with project processing as the center and completed the digitization of "ecological system empowerment". This approach and its research function won the national patent one, the first prize of treatment innovation in shaanxi province in 2019, and the second prize of provincial operation association in 2018.
On June 24, the state grid shaanxi electric power set up the pan-electric Internet of things technology research center, integration of internal and external department development resources, to create a "project data ecosystem", with the concept of "digital power" fully lead pan-electric Internet of things manufacturing.
On August 11, shaanxi power grid officially entered the 5G era. On the big screen of shaanxi power emergency command center of state grid, 4K hd pictures of 750 kv nanshan substation were transmitted in real time after 5G signal. This is the shaanxi power grid initial 750 kv substation completed 5G network full cover.
On September 26, shaanxi pan-online power iot engineering research center was approved by shaanxi provincial development and reform commission and set up in state grid xi 'an data center. It is the first provincial pan-online power iot engineering center set up by state grid corporation of China.
State grid gansu electric power
On September 6, the state grid gansu power and China telecom gansu company strategic cooperation and IDC resources cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held. After five months of negotiations, the two companies together, after all, from the project plan stage into the manufacturing stage, it is both ends of IDC (Internet data center) room resources cooperation and win-win business methods make substantive push marks, is also its gansu electric pan together a key step in the power of things foreign affairs.
As early as March 15, gansu electric power, the state grid, arranged 17 business sections and 6 lower-level units to hold a seminar on the operation plan of electric power iot manufacturing, and formally proposed pan-electric iot manufacturing.
Now, its power to gansu power given promotion, travel more than full dimension forms large data analysis to adjust, make new given way of monitoring and early warning, ShangChangHua business way and approach of the spot in the province, the completion of new energy use rate reached more than 95%, and tried to blaze a trail has different characteristics of flood in the power of things as given new way.
In intelligence power inductive services, integration of on-line monitoring system and intelligent park in gansu electric power demand side approaches such as resources, building intelligent inductive power service way, after the government agencies, corporate customers, power supply professional services such as service providers' and industrial chain, to according to a kind of dynamic characteristic of gansu induction service achievements add new methods.
In the aspect of new service method innovation, we will vividly attract the capital in the system form and form, and cultivate "center + link + edge" cloud data centerIndustry, based on the commercial operation method of "multi-station integration", will accelerate the change from "power delivery" to "data delivery and accounting delivery", promote the nearby absorption of new power, and build a model of ubiquitous power Internet of things manufacturing and operation.
State grid qinghai electric power
State grid qinghai electric power gathers clean power consumption, data sharing and integration, high-altitude intelligent operation and maintenance, targeted poverty alleviation "four areas", aggregates cheap and advantageous resources in industry, internally boosts the processing progress of enterprises, and externally creates a model of innovative services.
We will deepen the manufacturing and operation of the first new power big data, and cultivate and expand 25 types of new services. It is the first Shared energy storage business approach based on block chain in China, promoting the planned application of energy storage skills in the consumption of new power.

Excavation based on the completion of extensive perception of the data value of the table, open single family defect research location and active repair, completion of defect disposal quality effect obvious progress; We piloted the way of "direct collection" of electricity charges at the provincial level and "direct payment" of funds at the provincial level, and made further progress in the security and settlement power of electricity charges.
Select distribution network perception, edge accounting and other skills, extend the distribution network power supply radius at high altitude area, and advance manufacturing economy and power supply reliability; Independently develop the distribution network artificial intelligence patrol system, promote the distribution network operation and maintenance affairs from full of manpower to efficient intelligent method change.
Relying on the new power cloud to build a photovoltaic poverty alleviation approach integrating planning, operation monitoring, and poverty alleviation fund processing, it develops auxiliary functions such as mobile phone app of poverty alleviation power station, and provides data support for the government's poverty alleviation treatment options.
State grid ningxia electric power
State grid ningxia electric power co., LTD vied for the pilot manufacturing mission of state grid corporation of China, promoted the pan-electric power Internet of things manufacturing with high quality, and created a provincial-level all-domain power Internet demonstration model.
Entrusted by state grid corporation of China, huawei, jingdong cloud and data center Taiwan, wulian processing route arrangement inspection and function verification have been completed. Through iterative construction of the middle stage of the enterprise, promote sharing and sharing of data resources, support the front end of active construction of transactions, and quickly take care of services and customer needs.
Successfully held the "urban power interconnection, industrial collaborative open - yinchuan city power Internet BBS", and more than 200 senior experts, scholars together root in the open road of the electric power Internet of things.
Accelerate the central region of yinchuan grid grid optimization, distribution network active manufacturing, communication network transformation and 5G application, multi-station integration 12 key missions, will be the first to create in the northwest with ningxia characteristics co-construction, sharing, win-win power Internet ecosystem.
State grid xinjiang electric power
State grid xinjiang electric power deepening research and application to promote ubiquitous power iot manufacturing.
Resource operation pilot study, led by state grid company foundation drawing electricity root resource operation business methods planning planning book, with China mobile collaboration to set up "pan in power iot + 5 g joint laboratory", discussion to promote open power tower manufacturing, substations and other resources to share "base station" approach, is now in changji tower pilot use of converter station, urumqi.
Build "1+8" data processing system, compile 8 sub-volumes including data quality processing and data standard processing, clear data processing content and division of responsibilities, develop data operation and processing approaches, build data resource sharing catalogue, finish sorting out rules, tracing sources and visual planning of more than 140 affairs, and finish online control of data resources.
Research "end, field, side, pipe, cloud" key safety protection skills, in 189 substations, 317 grid related power plants arrangement of network security monitoring equipment, completed distribution network active scene safety supervision, analysis, disposal function, power first-class urban distribution network manufacturing.
Promote the optimization of the information system and the team's intelligent way of manufacturing, pack up the team after integration and the team report active generation of 68 problems, through the process of active components and intelligent report components to deal with repeated entry problems 6, report intelligent problems 22, began to finish "one way, one interface, more use".
State grid sichuan electric power
Its way sichuan electric power to data construction as the breakthrough point, integration of the existing system resources, in the short fluctuation kongfu, lift force of the whole enterprise data to dig gold, accelerate data syncretism, with large data analysis and application of the new transaction scenario for the gripper, let the data speak, with data choice, travel real power grid safe and economic operation level, enterprise operating performance and service quality.
State grid sichuan electric power focus on turning the big data analysis, internal and external service quality; Use historical data to set up the operation and inspection model, complete the investigation and handling of breach of contract and anti-electric-theft operation process; The semantic transformation from transaction data to model data is studied, so as to build appropriate data sharing and application specifications for all majors, and build a bridge between underlying data and transaction application.
In September, sichuan provincial development and reform commission officially sent state grid sichuan electric power co., LTD. "reply on sichuan pan-electric power Internet of things engineering laboratory project", agreeing that the company should manufacture sichuan pan-electric power Internet of things engineering laboratory. After the establishment of the laboratory, it will not only establish an integrated innovation approach for production, education, research and application, but also contribute to the cultivation and growth of talents with innovation skills in electric power Internet of things.
State grid chongqing electric power
State grid chongqing electric power has completed the preparation of the general plan and 11 sub-plans for the pan-electricity Internet of things manufacturing, promoting 82 missions in an orderly manner. The role of pan-electric power Internet of things was exhibited at the 2019 chongqing intelligent expo, which was widely praised.
Future power grid, intelligent "self-healing". State grid chongqing electric power has successfully developed a self-healing power network system based on "real-time sampling, real-time communication, real-time discrimination and real-time control". The application of the system benefited more than 100,000 customers, reducing the time of power failure from 1 hour to 5 seconds. Can ensure reliable power supply, each time can reduce customer production loss of about 4 million yuan.
Center + link + edge "cloud data center
Defect fast isolation, with 5G protection. According to 5G communication skills, state grid chongqing electric power declared the multi-function intelligent distribution network protection equipment, and completed the rapid isolation of distribution network defects and the interconnection of power equipment in the mountainous area and the environment full of high-rise buildings in chongqing. Under the existing 5G imitation communication network, when the end-to-end network delay is less than 0.05 seconds, defects can be removed within 0.1 seconds to reduce power failure planning.
Lead green travel and build an electric vehicle ecosystem. State grid chongqing electric power integrated vehicle and charging equipment enterprises, integrated big data, mobile Internet, hybrid communication and other skills, combined with the "Internet of vehicles" team, to create electric vehicles public travel way "yue-line" and the government new vehicle pile monitoring way. "E-line" has entered 12 pile operators, operating 1,743 timeshare rental points, 8,428 timeshare rental electric vehicles and 6,150 public charging piles. The pile monitoring approach of the new vehicle is connected to 38,492 electric vehicles and 14,693 charging piles. The project requests 3 world invention patents, 31 national invention patents, 7 authorized software Copyrights and 1 world specification.
State grid xizang power
Up to now, state grid xizang electric power in accordance with the pan-electric Internet of things manufacturing ideas, super key, together standardized, pay attention to the actual effect, complete 2020 information project storage, orderly promote the implementation of the data model together, open the pilot data processing things development, open the tower, optical fiber and other fundamental resources operating research operations.
In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of photovoltaic power grid in Tibet and the absorption of clean power on the road, the state grid xizang electric power has independently developed a water-light co-control approach, taking the resolute step of independent innovation of xizang power grid. In July 2019, the water-light co-control approach was officially put into operation, achieving the maximum limit of absorption of photovoltaic, and finished the bottom layer load reduction, further ensuring the safety and stability of the grid operation, and laying a solid foundation for xizang clean power open, xizang power transmission.
In order to better promote the ubiquitous power Internet of things manufacturing, state grid xizang electric power has invited related experts such as the joint research institute and state grid technical college to discuss and communicate around the "three types and two networks", power big data analysis and intelligent operation and inspection in Lhasa.
We will actively implement the headquarters unified project manufacturing, strengthen process management and control, and orderly promote the transformation of multi-dimensional lean system, digital audit approach, item ID coding and other project manufacturing.
The pilot project of battalion distribution and blending data processing east and west has been officially implemented. The transformation of terminal equipment on the site and east and west arrangement have been completed.
On the basis of the integrated processing of "one person and multiple terminals" in the early stage, it is necessary to strengthen the overall processing of mobile operating terminals. According to the standards, access and management together, it is necessary to formulate guidelines and methods, clear responsibilities and establish a long-term processing mechanism of mobile operating terminals.
Steadily promote data processing operations, research and develop data inventory, continue to open data processing, orderly promote full service data center manufacturing and data model transformation and implementation.
According to the pan-electric power Internet of things manufacturing 57 key mission, combined with the state grid xizang power processing and affairs practice, super useful effectiveness, the principle of prudent promotion, arrangements to open 2020 pan-electric power Internet of things project demand analysis, feasibility study Chen said preparation and concluded operations.
At 12:10 am on September 30, the consumption and co-control processing approach of xizang clean power showed the real-time power consumption status of xizang power grid in the state grid power control plan of xizang.