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During the National Day, the average daily charging capacity

"Charging at high-speed charging station is very convenient, charging pile is like a charging treasure built on high-speed. The driving experience of an electric car is very good, and it's not much different from driving a fuel car. On October 7, Xing Yuheng, the owner of an electric car from Baoding, Hebei Province, to Beijing, said. On the same day, he traveled 200 kilometers on the highway, charged once, took half an hour and spent 20 yuan.
The data show that during the National Day period, the State Grid Corporation provided 918,100 charging and switching services in the operating area, completed 21.3367 million kilowatt-hours of charging and switching power, during which 191,800 times of highway charging totaled 2.856 million kilowatt-hours.
Look at the growth rate: During the festival period, the average daily charging times of high-speed fast charging were 27.4 million, and the average daily charging volume was 408.1 million kWh, which increased by 248.68%, 259.51% and 70.19% and 106.63% respectively compared with the normal day.
Look at the distribution: Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, Shenhai, Daguang, Changshen and Beijing-Harbin Expressways have become the top five expressways in charge volume during National Day holidays. Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hubei are the top four provinces in charge capacity.
Look at the time: The top three charging dates are October 1, 6 and 5.
From these data, electric cars have become a major force on the highway. In recent years, more and more car manufacturers have entered the electric car market, and the battery technology, range and other functions of the electric car continue to improve.
Electric cars not only play an important role in people's daily commuting, but also are gradually accepted by more long-distance travel owners. "The acceleration and perfection of a series of supporting methods, such as charging equipment and service mode, is one of the reasons for the increase of charging capacity. The charging station we built on the expressway has a uniform distance of less than 50 kilometers, and can be fully charged in half an hour at the fastest. More and more people choose to drive electric cars when traveling. State Grid Electric Car Service Co., Ltd. said the person in charge.
Charging convenience directly improves the confidence of car owners. During the National Day, the city's charging and switching power also increased slightly: the average daily charging and switching times were 739,000, the average daily charging and switching power was 126.07 million kilowatt-hours, which increased by 7.83% and 11.25% respectively compared with the normal day; the top five provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government) were Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Shandong.
The new generation of intelligent vehicle network channel monitoring system plays an important role during the festival. This system monitors the charging network of Expressway pertinently, focuses on the analysis of hot spots, and dispatches operation and maintenance personnel to deal with the urgent and difficult needs of car owners.
"Charging is difficult, traveling is difficult," has been the "pain" of electric car owners in the past. To this end, the State Grid Corporation has vigorously promoted the construction of Expressway charging equipment. It has built a high-speed charging network including Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Qingyin, Shanghai-Rong Expressway and Capital Ring Line and Hangzhou Bay Ring Line. It has built 2080 fast charging stations and 8423 charging piles, covering nearly 50,000 kilometers of Expressway and connecting 171 cities in 19 provinces. At the same time, the State Grid Corporation has accelerated the construction of the ubiquitous Internet of Things, promoted the deepening use of intelligent vehicle networking channels and orderly charging of electric cars to meet the demand of large-scale charging, so as to create a broader space for business innovation, service upgrading and value creation.
Original Title: During National Day, the average daily charge capacity of charging piles on expressways operated by State Grid Corporation is 408.1 million kilowatts, which doubles the charge of electric cars compared with the same period last year. When the owners leave, they are worried about their continuity.