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ZC-302A Contact Resistance Tester

       The good or bad of conductivity of breaker(hereinafter referred to as switch) conductive circuit, play an important role in guarantee the safety operation of switch. The conductivity performance can be reflected by the value of conductive circuit resistance. For this reason IEC standard and manufacturers all required testing the circuit resistance, and also have prescribed index for the circuit resistance of each kind switch. Before, normally use double bridge. But, because the voltage and current value are very small, when there are impurities between dynamic and static contact or the contact got surface oxidation, the dispersivity of test data is larger. At the same time, the anti-interference performance of bridge is not good, so the national standard requires that must test with DC more than 200A.
        The circuit resistance tester  is a product developed by our company which in order to meet GB50150-2006 and DL/T 845.4-2004 regulations, and it was widely used in measurements of various switch’ s contact resistance, circuit resistance, cable and wire, weld joint contact resistance.

Kvtester-Contact Resistance Tester

      1. The test current value is big, completely conform the national standard requirement which related to contact resistance test.

      2. The test current was came from the 50A/100A high precision switch type constant current power supply, without manual adjust, the test is rapid and accurate.

      3. Adopt four terminal connections; effectively eliminate the influence to the test result from resistance of test wire.

      4. Test speed is fast, the USB interface can connect with PC, upload test data.

      5. Working long hours, equipped with overheat protection circuit; the instrument is reliable and steady.

      6. Easy and simple operation, light weight.
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