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Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

      ZC-210B  Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester  is developed by Kvtester, which is according to national standard GB507-86 and line standard, DL-474-4-92, the relevant provisions of the DL/T596-1996, play their own advantages, after a lot of field test and long-term unremitting efforts,carefully research and development of high accuracy, fully digital industrial equipment.In order to satisfy the needs of different users, this series of instruments can be divided into single cup three cups and cup type, etc.The instrument is simple, modelling is beautiful and easy to operate.Due to adopt fully automatic digital computer control, the measurement of high precision, strong anti-jamming capability, safe and reliable.

Kvtester-Automatic Oil Dielectric Breakdown Voltage Tester
       1. The instrument USES large capacity single-chip microcomputer control, stable and reliable in work.

       2. The device has wide scope of the watchdog circuit to prevent the death machine;

       3. Various operation options, the instrument program has GB507-1986, GB507-2002(IEC 156:1995) two national standard methods and custom operation, can adapt to different user's various choices;

       4. The instrument oil cup is cast in a special glass, which eliminates the interference phenomenon such as oil leakage;

       5. The unique high voltage end sampling design of the instrument allows the test value to go directly into A/D converter, avoiding the error caused by the simulation circuit and making the measurement results more accurate;

        6. The instrument has the function of flow, overpressure, short circuit, etc., and has the strong anti-interference ability and electromagnetic compatibility;

        7. Portable structure, easy to move, indoor and outdoor use is very convenient.
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