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ZC-540-60KV DC High Voltage Test Kit

       ZC-540-60KV  High Voltage Test Kit is a new product designed according to the new China electric power industry standard DL/T848.1-2004<DC high voltage generator general technical conditions>. This product is mainly used for DC endure experiment to high voltage device such as Electric Power Cooperation, Metallurgy, Iron and Steel enterprises.

Kvtester-Series DC High Voltage Tester
     Principle of operation
Kvtester-Series DC High Voltage Tester
     1.The control box is used of aluminum alloy structure.
     2.It uses the new technology such as PWM pulse-wide modulation, middle frequency high voltage and high power IGBT device.
     3.It uses voltage feedback; output stability is less than 3%.
     4.Full range of voltage output, voltage regulating accuracy is less than 1%, the stability of voltage error is less than 1.5%, the voltage error ±(1.5%±2words), the current error ±(1.5%±2words).       5.Raise voltage from zero voltage potentiometer.
     6.The 0.75UDC/1mA function button is convenient for zinc oxide arrester test, and the accuracy is ±2%±2words).
     7.Over voltage protection uses dialing number set, and the error is ±2%.
     8.High voltage cylinder is used of new materials, lightweight and sturdy. It's coated with special
     9.insulating materials, electrical performance and moisture-proof ability is good.
     10.The product conforms to DL/T848.1-2004 technology requirements, and passed the center test of electrical equipment quality inspection, strictly according to the enterprise standard.

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