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ZC-820 Wire-less HV Phasing Tester

      ZC-820  Wireless Phase Tester,for MV overhead distribution circuit,used for detection of high-voltage power grid closing point on both sides of the phase sequence is the same. Two power line connection before must check phase sequence, or line may be short circuit. The instrument suitable for 6KV ~ 35KV power transmission line, and can test whether line charged. The      Instrument adopts the wireless transmission technology, safe and reliable operation, easy to use.   

Kvtester-Wire-less HV Phasing Tester
      1. Accuracy: When phase sequence is same: the error≤ 5 °.
      2. The frequency accuracy:±0.1HZ.
      3. Measuring voltage range is 6KV - 35KV.
      4. The transmitter and the receiving host transmission distance is more than 130 meters, the maximum distance between the two transmitters is about 260 meters.
      5. Results (in phase, inter phase) using A standard, phase difference acuity ≥30 ° for out phase, the phase difference < 30 ° are in phase.
      6. Human voice prompt, male voice "in phase", female voice "phase-out".
      7. Screen shows two lines at the same time of phase difference, frequency, waveform and the vector diagram.
      8. The host shows battery, half an hour without automatic shutdown operation.
      9. Two emitter and receiver use rechargeable lithium battery.
      10. Have high pressure test report and the function of the phase sequence.
      11. High pressure when measuring the leakage current < 10 uA.
      12. Transmitter power consumption < 0.1 W, receiving host work power consumption < 0.3 W.
      13. Host lithium battery capacity is about 2200 mAH, transmitter battery capacity is about 350 mAH.
      14. Working environment: temperature - 35 ℃ ----- + 45 ℃; humidity ≤ 95% RH.
      15. Storage conditions: temperature - 40 ℃ ------ + 55 ℃; humidity ≤95% RH.
      16.The weight:About 5 KG.
      17. Instrument package size: 71 cm long * wide 26 cm * 11 cm high.

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