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Intelligent transformer calibrator

      The main purpose of the intelligent transformer calibrator is to verify the technical performance of voltage transformers and current transformers used in the field or in the laboratory. In order to achieve this, the intelligent transformer calibrator must form a complete transformer calibration device with the relevant equipment. Since there is a close technical relationship between the performance indicators of the intelligent transformer calibrator and related equipment, in order to correctly study and understand the overall concept of the intelligent transformer calibrator, it is necessary to make a transformer calibration device. A basic understanding.

         The main function of the intelligent transformer calibrator

         1.The test data can be entered manually, or the test data of the company's integrated calibration device can be called to realize the integration of transformer verification and management;

         2.Realizing the control calibrator and the platform to automatically complete the measurement of the transformer;
         3.Rich statistical inquiry function, including statistics and querying the equipment status verified in a certain period of time, statistics and querying the workload and verification of a certain verification personnel within a certain period of time;