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"These small parameters" of the variable frequency transf

       CTA-1000 variable frequency transformer integrated tester is a test for transformer: CT volt-ampere characteristics, error curve, ratio, polarity, demagnetization, secondary load, angular difference, ratio difference, transient PT excitation, Multi-functional field test instrument designed with parameters such as ratio, polarity and secondary load function. The frequency conversion transformer tester is based on the advanced frequency conversion method to test the CT/PT volt-ampere characteristic curve and the 10% (5%) error curve, which can output 180A current, which is convenient for on-site flow test, but can cope with CT test with inflection point up to 60KV. . The IEC60044-6 standard (corresponding to the national standard GB16847-1977) states that the CT test of the variable frequency transformer tester can be performed at a lower frequency than the rated frequency to avoid the unacceptable voltage of the winding and the secondary terminal.

Kvtester-CT Analyzer
          It has the following small features:
          1. The variable frequency transformer tester has comprehensive functions, which not only meets the excitation characteristics (ie, volt-ampere characteristics), ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, and other types of CT (such as protection, measurement, and TP). Test requirements such as secondary load, ratio difference and angular difference can also be used for testing the excitation characteristics, ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance and ratio of various PT electromagnetic units.

          2.On-site verification of current transformers does not require standard current transformers, current risers, load boxes, voltage regulation control boxes and high-current wires. It uses extremely simple test wiring and operation to achieve current transformer verification, which greatly reduces the work. The strength and work efficiency are improved, and the on-site verification of the transformer is facilitated on site.

          3. The transformer comprehensive tester can accurately measure the ratio difference and angular difference, the maximum allowable error of the ratio difference is ±0.1%, and the maximum allowable error of the angular difference is ±5min. It can perform field test of 0.2S level current transformer, and the ratio measurement range It is 1~40000.