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Advantages and disadvantages of different CT testing methods

        Primary current injection  ( ZC-102F )

1. Test set for current supply and measurement

        2. Used during commissioning if high accuracy is not required

        3. Currents up to 1000 A

        4. Insufficient for high-accuracy metering CTs > Sensitive to transient distortion if line frequency test signals are being used

        5. ~ 30 kg / 66 lbs

        6. Rewiring is required between single tests (for example, ratio, polarity, saturation, winding resistance) > Results must be assessed manually 

Kvtester-CT Analyzer
         Primary nominal current injection( ZCHG-12 )
1) Reference transformers and measuring bridges
         2) Used in factories, calibration laboratories and on-site mounted on a test truck

         3) Performed with very high currents (nominal and overcurrent magnitudes)

         4) High accuracy

         5) ~ Two tons of equipment

         6) The heavy equipment requires several people to set up and perform the test 

Kvtester-Automatic Transformer Test Equipment