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The CTA-1000 tester

      Today, I want to share you something about our CT tester CTA-1000C , which will make you have a better understanding on the advantages of our SUPER STAR product. 

       Kvtester-CT/PT Analyzer
    1. CTA-1000C is a comprehensive CT tester which can not only test various of CTs (including TP class), such as the excitation characteristics (i.e., volt-ampere characteristics), ratiopolaritysecondary winding resistancesecondary burdenratio error and phase displacement, but can also test various of PTs, including excitation characteristics of the electromagnetic unit, ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, ratio error and phase displacement etc.

     2.Software upgrade through usb flash disk

     CTA-1000C support software upgrade through usb flash disk which makes it simple and convenient to solve those software bugs
      3.Self-inspection function.

      If there is any problem when using the tester, you can use this function to find out the Error Code,then our engineer will know which part has problem based on the code.
Kvtester-CT/PT Analyzer
     4.Small Size and light weight, see the size below, any one can carry it with single hand easily.
Kvtester-CT/PT Analyzer
5. Application

A.Transformer Factory
B.Power Plant
C.Metrology institute
D.electric power engineering construction company
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