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CT Analyzer ZC-102

     Besides  CTA-1000C CT analyzer  we also have another model  ZC-102. If your budget is not very sufficient, our ZC-102 is your best choice.  The parameters are as the below.

Booster output current & voltage 1A/2500V
Current generator output current 600A
Output power 3000VA
Voltage and current measurement accuracy ±0.2%
CT ratio tests
Voltage method / current method
Range 1~40000
  Accuracy ±0.2%
PT ratio tests Range 1~40000
  Accuracy ±0.2%
Phase measurement Accuracy ±5min
  Resolving power 0.5min
Secondary winding resistance tests Range 0~1kΩ
  Accuracy 0.5%±2mΩ
AC load tests Range 0~1000VA
  Accuracy 0.5%±0.05VA
Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz
work environment Temperature: -10οC~50οC,Humidity: ≤90%
Size & Weight Size: 425 mm×290 mm×310mm  Weight: 30kg
CT/PT Analyzer