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CT/PT Test system ZCHG-12

       ZCHG-12  automatic transformer Testing system is a new-generation transformer Calibration System, which is developed by our company to adapt to the rapid and accurate calibration of modern transformers. 

       The system is composed of  ZC-103 intelligent transformer calibrator, FZ60 voltage and current load box, ZCHG-12 transformer automatic testing system , ZZJST extreme speed transformer test bench, computer and other parts. By Transformer error checking management software in computer, the Operator can set transformer type, range, accuracy grade, secondary load and power factor, the transformer under test position and etc. Using the RS485 transmission and control, one rising flow can complete 12 set same ratio current transformer measurement . All the test time is only 3 ~ 5 minutes. It achieves a real sense of speed calibration function, greatly improving the work efficiency

       We can customize CT/PT Test  system according to your parameters.  Welcome your inquiry.

Automatic Transformer Test Equipment