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30 Sets of Circuit Breaker Analyzer!Why this guy choose us?

On Friday, April 12, 2019, 30 sets of circuit breaker tester are finished finally at the workshop of Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.
30 sets! That’s really an amazing numbers i have ever heard in this field! But why the customer decided to choose us at last? What makes them satisfied with the tester and place the order without any hesitate? 

Firstly, what is circuit breaker?
The circuit breaker tester is used to check the operation and condition of circuit breakers on the power systems; for this purpose, the circuit breaker tester applies different signals which are used to test the equipment under a range of system conditions or operation types.  At the same time, the circuit breaker tester must have the capacity to capture and measure the specific responses of the DUT to the specific simulation (e.g. trip times, operating sequences, voltage drop, etc) to be able to assess its condition, characterizing the behavior of the DUT to the expected measured magnitude and verify its proper and expected performance; a circuit breaker tester can be also a powerful tool in troubleshooting faulty breakers.

The circuit breaker tester must provide accurate and repeatable results, to be able to compare from previous tests and predict a malfunction of the breaker before it happens. Since the time that the circuit breaker is out of service is short, the circuit breaker tester must provide a minimum set up work and connection time, and minimum test complexity; accordingly, the circuit breaker tester must also be designed for saving test time, providing a unique combination of features that effectively optimize both the results and the methods.

Secondly, what is the circuit breaker be chosen by customer looks like?
ZC-300B circuit breaker analyzer is the very instrument which was developed by our company in order to meet the needs of on-site test of high voltage switch. It can be specialized for medium/high voltage breakers, or for low voltage breakers, but also a multi-purpose circuit breaker tester can be used for both types as is the case of the high current injection systems and the micro-ohmmeters.

ZC-300B high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester can be used for vacuum, sulfur hexafluoride, less oil, more oil and other power system high voltage switch mechanical parameters testing and measurement in various voltage levels.The measurement data is stable and the anti-interference is excellent. It can be used in the power station under 800kV level which is really a convenient tool with simple wire connection and operation, isn’t it?
Last but not least, 11 advantages
1. The instrument can automatically identify the fracture is open or close, and judge according to the reference state of fracture tip and operation.
2. Independent 12 fracture, can detect and indicate the connection state of the fracture, Convenient for users to check the wiring
3. The tester can store 50 groups of test results.
4. Large advanced gray LCD screen (320*240) display with English character and graphics menu, No reflection or black in sunlight.
5. Operation tips, user-friendly menu interface, easy to operate.
6. The instrument has powerful function of graphic analysis, and the waveform and measurement data can be displayed on the same screen.
7. The utility model has the function of time delay protection, and the coil voltage can be automatically cut off after the circuit breaker is operated.
8. The instrument can be divided into electric and manual test.
9. For high and low voltage test, automatically find the lowest open or close voltage.
10. Reclosing test, can do parameters test for open-closing, closing-open and open-closing-open etc.
11. Vacuum contactor (Single coil) parameter measurement.
After read the information above, Do you know why they chose us?
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