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Grounding Resistance Tester

ZC2571 Grounding Resistance Tester applies to power industry, post and telecommunications, railway, communications, mining and other sectors to measure the grounding resistance of the various devices and the conductor resistance of low resistance; thi
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  • Product Parameters
Measuring range Constant current value Measurement accuracy and error Resolving power Auxiliary grounding resistance
0~1.999Ω 2~19.99Ω 20~199.9Ω AC:0~19.99V 10mA (2Ω file)
10mA (20Ω file)
1mA (200Ωfile)
0.2~199.9Ω <±(1.5%+1d)
0.001Ω 0.01Ω 0.1Ω 0.01V Rc: 2Ω 20Ωfile<1kΩ
Rp: <50kΩ error<±5%
Voltage to ground: 5V power frequency effective value 5% Humidity ≤85%RH Maximum power consumption≤2W Volume: 200mm×200mm×110mm
Power: DC7.2~9V or AC 220V Temperature: 0℃-40℃ Weight: 1.8kg
  • Product Features
    1. Using the DC/AC transform technology, set the three end button, four button measurement mode as a whole, the use of power supply can be AC, DC.
    2. The PLL synchronous tracking and demodulation of switched capacitor filters, the strong anti-interference ability.
    3. Abandon the traditional way of artificial hand power generation, without human work.
    4. Do not need to manually adjust the balance,  the panel touch key operation, LCD digital display makes the measurement is very convenient and rapid, eliminating the visual error of the pointer meter.
    5. Allow the auxiliary grounding resistance, better ensure the accuracy of measurement, high resolution.
    6. In addition to the test ground resistance, the resistance value of the low-voltage conductor, the soil resistivity and the AC ground voltage can be measured.

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