SF6 Gas Leak Detection and Analysis

SF6 Gas comprehensive tester

ZC-317 SF6 gas comprehensive test instrument is a set of SF6 micro water instrument, SF6 purity instrument and SF6 decomposition product analyzer. The functions that can be realized by three instruments are centralized in one instrument. One on-site m
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  • Product Features
1. Fast gas saving: after starting up and entering the measurement state, the measurement time of each SF6 gas dew point is about 5min, and the measurement time of SF6 purity and SF6 decomposition is about 3min.
2. Self locking joint: the self-locking joint imported from Germany is safe and reliable without air leakage. .
3. Data storage: it adopts large capacity design and can store up to 200 groups of test data.
4. Curve function: large screen curve shows dew point measurement process.
5. Clear display: the LCD directly displays dew point, micro water (ppm), SF6 purity, SO2, H2S content, ambient temperature, humidity, time and date.
6. Built in power supply: built in 4Ah rechargeable lithium battery, sufficient for 10 hours of continuous operation at a time.

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