Inductive power frequency series resonance withstand voltage

Inductive power frequency series resonance withstand voltage

Type: ZCVF-C
       The ZCVF-C series of modulated power frequency series resonant withstand voltage devices have great advantages in terms of test power supply capacity, equipment weight, test waveform and investment. ZCVF-C series of adjustable power frequency series resonance withstand voltage device is mainly designed and manufactured for AC withstand voltage test of hydropower generator with single unit capacity of 250MW and below.
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Product Features
       1. Due to the full compensation of resonance and reactive power, the power of the power supply and equipment is only 1/10 or less (1/Q10) of the required capacity of the test object; the volume of the same capacity is small, the weight is light, and the output capacity of the device is large. The power supply capacity is small, the price is low, and the operation is convenient and safe;
       2. The series resonance is actually a current filter circuit, so that the current passing through the test object is basically the fundamental current, and the waveform distortion rate (THD) of the output voltage is extremely small, which is superior to all existing AC voltage-resistant devices;
       3. The short-circuit current after flashover or breakdown of the sample is only 1/10 or less of the test current before the short-circuit (1/Q), which can effectively prevent the damage to the fault point after the breakdown;
       4. Automatically extinguish the arc immediately after flashover, and the process of restoring the resonant state voltage after extinction is longer (seconds) is a steady state establishment process, with no voltage overshoot and no microsecond millisecond transient. The danger of recovering overvoltages from the process;
Working system     Full power continuous working time 1min
Quality factors     10~40
Maximum test capacity     3000kVA and below
Working power supply     380V±10%,50Hz±5Hz
Model Control desk(KW) Voltage regulator(kVA) Reactor(Dry type) Excitation variable(kVA) Voltage Divider(kV) Range of application
ZCVF-C-200/25 30 30(electric) 200kVA/25kV Adjustable one set 30(Dry type) 30 Hydraulic Generator 0.4~1.0μF(10kV/40MW)
ZCVF-C-300/50 60 60(electric) 300kVA/50kV Adjustable one set 60(oil-immersed) 50 Thermal Generator 0.27~0.33μF(20kV/300MW)
ZCVF-C-600/50 60 60(electric) 200kVA/50kV Adjustable one set 60(oil-immersed) 50 Thermal generator
400kVA/50kV Adjustable one set
ZCVF-C-1200/50 120 120(induction) 200kVA/50kV Fixed two sets 120(oil-immersed) 50 Hydraulic Generator 0.6~1.8μF(20kV/250MW)
800kVA/50kV Adjustable one set
ZCVF-C-2750/55 300 300(induction) 750kVA/55kV Fixed two sets 300(oil-immersed) 60 Hydraulic Generator 1.6~3.3μF(20kV/770MW)
1250kVA/55kV Adjustable one set

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