Cable ac voltage series resonance device

Cable ac voltage series resonance device

Type: ZCVF-B
        ZCVF-B cable AC voltage series resonant device adopts multi-stage superposition method. Multiple reactors can be used in parallel and in series. The voltage divider is used to measure the test voltage or as a compensation capacitor for small capacitance test. The resonant frequency can be used to complete the AC withstand voltage test of various power equipment in the range of 30 to 300 Hz.
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Product Features
       1.simple operation: automatic tuning (automatically find resonance point), automatic test (automatically find resonance point and automatic boost) and manual test (manual search for resonance point and manual boost) three modes to adapt to different test requirements;
       2.can set the test voltage, frequency modulation range, protection current, pressurization time;
       3. Automatic mode: only need to set the test voltage and time; the equipment automatically adjusts the frequency and voltage automatically; completes the test to save the data;
       4.It can automatically track the change of grid voltage and adjust the voltage in real time to keep the high voltage voltage stable;
       5. large-screen touch LED LCD color screen and external mouse directly complete the setting of various parameters, test results can be saved, printed, uploaded, checked back and so on.
Full load working time Continuous working time 60min
System quality factor Under maximum load≥20
Frequency regulate fineness 0.1Hz
Instability ≤0.01%
Working power supply Single phase 220V or three phase 380V±10%,power frequency 50Hz±5%
Model Control desk Reactor(dry type) Excitation transformer(dry type) Voltage Divider Range of application
ZCVF-B-44/22 2.5kW 1A/22kV two sets 2.5kVA/1kV 25kV 10kV cable≤1km
ZCVF-B-88/22 4kW 2A/22kV two sets 4kVA/1kV 25kV 10kV cable≤2km
    ZCVF-B-132/22        6kW          2A/22kV three sets 6kVA/1/3kV 60kV 10kV cable≤3km
35kV cable≤1km

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