Frequency conversion series resonant AC withstand voltage de

Frequency conversion series resonant AC withstand voltage de

Type: ZCVF-A
       The device is mainly used for AC withstand voltage test of cross-linked cable, hydro-generator, main transformer, busbar, GIS, etc. It has a wide range of application. It is a high-voltage test department at the prefecture, city and county level and a power installation and repair engineering unit. The ideal pressure-resistant equipment.

       The device is mainly composed of a frequency conversion control power source, an excitation transformer, a reactor, a capacitor voltage divider, and a compensation capacitor (optional).

       Product name: AC voltage withstand resonance device, frequency conversion resonance, frequency conversion series resonance, series resonance, series resonant transformer, electrical equipment variable frequency series resonance withstand device, series resonance test equipment
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Product Features
       1. The reactor with the same voltage level and the same capacity is smaller in volume and lighter in weight; the temperature rise is small at rated load; the dry casting is used, the mechanical strength is high, the electrical insulation performance is good, and the appearance is beautiful and reliable.
       2.variable frequency power control box capacity margin; strong protection function; good output waveform; good stability; with a variety of working modes, easy to operate; single-phase 220V or three-phase 380V input power supply common, convenient on-site power.
       3. Flexible configuration. Optional different types of reactors to meet different test requirements, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, cost-effective.
Rated output voltage 0 to 1000kV and below
Output frequency 30~300Hz
Resonant voltage waveform Pure sine wave, waveform distortion rate ≤1.0%
operating hours Full power continuous working time 60min
Voltage measurement accuracy Quality factor
Frequency adjustment sensitivity 0.1Hz
Instability <0.05%

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