Automatic transformer calibration device

Automatic transformer calibration device

Type: ZCHG-12
       ZCHG - 12 automatic transformer calibration device developed by our company is a new generation of transformer calibration device, the idea of the design of virtual instrument, the user simply by mouse and keyboard on a computer screen virtual instrument interface, input transformer type, range, accuracy grade, parameters such as capacity, power factor, can complete automatic test of current transformer and voltage transformer, and the test result analysis, calculation and database management, and can according to user needs to print various records and certificates. This automatic transformer calibrating device is an ideal equipment for power system and other transformer calibrating units.
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Product Features
      1. The automatic transformer calibration device USES single-chip microcomputer to realize the functions of measurement, control and display
      2, with a computer interface, improve the level of office automation, reduce the labor intensity
      3, can have a large screen display, provide friendly operation interface, and rich measurement information
      4. It can automatically realize the measurement of mutual inductor and automatically switch current and voltage load box
      5. Have good catch measures to inform users of error information in time
      6. The automatic transformer calibration device can reach level 2
Working power AC220V±10%,50Hz±10%
working environment 0 ° C ~ +40 ° C
Relative humidity ≤85%(25℃)
Voltage control output capacity 7kVA (250V 30A) can be expanded upon request
Regulator adjustment fineness Better than 0.04V
Dimensions custom made
weight custom made

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