Earth Continuity Test

Type: ZCDT-10A
       The power industry standard DL/T475-2006 "Guide to Measurement of Characteristic Parameters of Grounding Devices" stipulates that the conductivity should be measured by special instruments. The instrument resolution is 1 mΩ; the accuracy is not less than 1.0. On this basis, our company designed this highly automated and portable tester. It is specifically used to test the electrical integrity of the grounding device; the technical indicators meet or exceed the relevant standards. The instrument is simple in operation, high in precision, fast in test speed, good in reproducibility and intuitive in reading. It is an ideal special instrument that meets the requirements of regulations and standards.
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Product Features
        1. The instrument adopts new power supply technology, and the output current is large, which can be automatically adjusted according to the load.
        2. The current output chamber can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the measured resistance to avoid errors caused by improper current selection.

        3. With automatic discharge and discharge alarm sound, clear discharge instructions, reduce misuse

        4. With high precision, easy operation, fast measurement of grounding resistance, etc.

        5. It has perfect protection circuit, high reliability, small size, light weight and wide application range.
Voltage Level AC: 50-2000 kV (can withstand the peak impulse voltage of 110% rated value)
Corresponding time <120 ns (special requirements can be customized)
Impulse voltage waveform The main parameters of full-wave are peak UP, front- wave time T1, half-peak time T2, standard full-wave front- wave time T1 = 1.2us, half-peak time T2 = 50us. In order to obtain high accuracy test data, it is recommended to use American Tektronix oscilloscope above 200M, and other technical indicators should meet the relevant requirements of high voltage lightning wave measurement.
Accuracy AC: 3.0%
Insulation medium imported capacitor oil
CT Ratio Temperature: 0℃~45℃
Humidity: < 85% RH
Partial pressure ratio: 1000:1 or (customized according to customer requirements)
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