Microcomputer relay tester

Type: ZCAR-702
         ZCAR - 702 microcomputer relay protection tester is in reference to issued by the ministry of the type of microcomputer relay protection test device technical conditions (discussion paper), on the basis of widely to listen to your users, summarizes the current domestic similar products strengths and weaknesses, full use of modern advanced microelectronics technology and the implementation of a new type of device miniaturization of microcomputer relay protection tester.
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Product Features
        1.With 4 - phase voltage and 3 - phase current output, it is convenient to carry out all kinds of protection tests. Each phase voltage can output 120V, current three and output 120A, the fourth phase voltage Ux is multi-function voltage, can be set to 4 kinds of 3U0 or check the same period voltage, or any voltage value output.
         2.Single by convenient and flexible rotating mouse through the large screen LCD screen for operation, all Chinese display. Can complete most of the field test verification work, can carry on the verification to each kind of relay and the microcomputer protection, and can simulate each kind of complex instantaneous, permanent, conversion fault to carry on the whole group test. Boot can be used, convenient and quick operation.
        3.Through the full set of Chinese operating software on the Windows platform, it can carry out a variety of large, complex and more automated verification work, which can easily test and scan various fixed values of protection, store test data in real time, display vector diagrams, draw fault waveforms, and print reports online.
       4.It can complete all kinds of large and complex calibration work with high degree of automation, such as three-phase differential test, quick cutting of power supply, backup and self-switching test, circuit protection inspection and synchronous reclose-off, etc., it can easily test and scan all kinds of fixed value of protection, carry out fault playback, store test data in real time, display vector drawing, print report online and so on.
Direct current output Output accuracy 0.5magnitude
Current output 0~±10A/each phase, 0~±30A/every three parallel
Maximum output of load voltage 20V
Alternating current output Output accuracy 0.5 magnitude
Phase voltage output (RMS) 0~120V
Line voltage output (RMS) 0~240V
Phase voltage/line voltage power output 80VA/100VA
Frequency range (base wave) 20~1000Hz
Harmonic frequency number 1~20 times
Direct voltage output Output accuracy 0.5 magnitude
Phase voltage output amplitude 0~+160V
Line voltage output amplitude 0~+320V
Phase voltage/line voltage power output 70VA/140VA

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