AC and DC digital high voltage meter

AC and DC digital high voltage meter

Type: ZC-ZGF
       The cable AC withstand voltage series resonance device adopts multi-stage superposition method. Multiple reactors can be used in parallel and in series. The voltage divider is used to measure the test voltage or as a compensation capacitor for the small capacitance test sample, so that the resonance frequency can be The AC withstand voltage test of various power equipment is completed in the range of 30 to 300 Hz.
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Product Features
       1. High precision. Using high-precision film capacitors and precision high-voltage glass glaze resistors, the input impedance is high, the test current is reduced, the power consumption is small, and the measurement accuracy and stability of the instrument are improved. The signal processing part uses high-performance OP for signal amplification and uses double integral. AD sampling technology, four-and-a-half-digit liquid crystal display, the highest resolution of 0.001kV, is a new generation of high-voltage electrostatic voltmeter.
       2. anti-interference performance is good. Special shielding technology is used. The surface of the pressure equalizing ball of the aluminum alloy material is smooth and bright, which effectively improves the electric field distribution around the pressure equalizing ball, prevents the tip discharge from occurring, and improves the anti-interference ability of the measurement data. The low-voltage display instrument is shielded by an all-metal closed structure. The high-voltage voltage divider and the low-voltage display meter are connected by high-quality coaxial cable to reduce the influence of high voltage on the indication value, thereby achieving high stability and high linearity.
        3. Safe and reliable. The instrument is composed of a high-voltage voltage divider and a low-voltage display instrument. The high-voltage voltage divider is filled with DuPont filler material and sealed by a special process. The structure is smaller, the weight is lighter, the internal partial discharge amount is minimized, and the reliability is higher. There is no oil leakage problem. When working, the high voltage divider and the low voltage meter are connected by coaxial cable, and the high and low voltage parts are far away, and the work is safe and reliable.
Power     AC 220V±10%,50Hz±1%
Indication accuracy of output voltage     <1
Indication accuracy of output current     <1
Working     discontinuously work for 30 minutes
Temperature     -10~40℃
Altitude     <1500m

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