Wireless high voltage nuclear phaser

Wireless high voltage nuclear phaser

Type: ZC-820
      The instrument adopts wireless transmission technology, which is safe and reliable in operation and convenient to use. It overcomes many shortcomings of the wired nuclear phase meter. At the same time, the instrument is equipped with a GPS module. Two or more instruments can be used for remote nuclear phase after being matched and upgraded.
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Product Features
      1. The cross-voltage measurement range is 0.22kV~220kV.
      2. The maximum transmission line of sight of the transmitter and receiver is approximately 100 meters.
      3. The distance between two GPS hosts in the remote nuclear phase is 0.3 km to 800 km.
      4. The voice prompt measurement results and operation steps of the live voice.
      5. 3.2-inch color screen simultaneously displays 2 line phase difference, frequency, vector and the same-phase results, showing the number of GPS satellites, GPS timing status and time and other information.
      6.automatic operation for 1 hour without operation.
Accuracy When phase sequence is same: the error≤ 5 °.
 The frequency accuracy ±0.1HZ.
Measuring voltage range 6KV - 35KV.
High pressure when measuring the leakage current < 10 uA
Working environment temperature - 40 ℃ ------ + 55 ℃;
humidity ≤ 95% RH

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