Wireless HV phase tester

Wireless HV phase tester

Type: ZC-820A

ZC-820A Wireless HV phase tester is used to detect whether the power supply on both sides of the closed-loop point circuit breaker of the ring network or dual power supply network is in phase. The instrument is suitable for the live phase verification of 500kV and below Bookstore lines, and has the functions of high voltage power test and phase sequence verification. It is mainly used for the phase verification and phase sequence verification of power lines and substations, mainly including power test, phase verification, phase sequence measurement, etc.

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Product Features
1.Measurement voltage: 10-110kV (according customer order)
2.Accuracy: self-calibration error≤±3°
3.Sampling speed: 10 times/S.
4.Time setting: Easy for users to browse, view historical data.
5.Backlight time settings: on, off, set within 0-999 seconds.
6.Automatic shutdown settings: Never, within 0-999 minutes setting.
7.In-phase: ≤20° is in-phase, (phase threshold within 0-90°, system default value is 20°).
8.Out-phase : >20° is out-phase (phase threshold within 0-90°, system default value is 20°).
9.Field calibration function: field calibration for measured lead to ensure the accuracy of the phase angle.
10.Handset detectors and X, Y detectors transmission distance: X≤150m, Y≤150m.
11.Multi-mode design, applicability, safer, and more convenient.
12.Unique interactive interface, simple operation
13.FCC antenna design, signal stronger, easier to penetrate walls , doors or obstacles blocking
14.Double shielding, strong anti-interference, in full compliance with EMC standards.
15.Charts and data display, easier to read.
16.Qualitative measurement: sound and light signal display.
17.Quantitative measurements: real-time display of phase angle difference, error≤5°;
18.Phase sequence check: Shun phase sequence, reverse phase sequence (120°, 240°).
High voltage phasing tester used in power lines, phase tests and phase sequence tests for substations, with functions of phase testing, phase sequence testing, electrical inspection .with strong anti-interference, in line with (EMC) standards, adapt to a variety of electromagnetic interference occasions. High voltage phase signal will be taken out by the collector, discharge directly after treatment. Received by instrument and compare the phase, and identify the results. This product use wireless transmission technology, safe, reliable, fast and accurate.
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