Insulator gray tester

Insulator gray tester

Type: ZC-811
       In the power grid system, substations and transmission lines with high voltage levels and large transmission capacity play an important role. In the area where the transmission line passes, industrial pollution, salt spray from the sea breeze, dust in the air and other pollutants gradually accumulate and adhere to the surface of the insulator, which easily forms a fouling layer. The insulation strength of the contaminated insulator is greatly reduced, causing the insulator to be normal. The flashing under the operating voltage caused a large-scale power outage and a pollution flashover accident.
       The pollution flash accident is different from the general simple equipment accident. It involves a wide range of influences and affects the equipment and is scattered. At present, the grid of China's power system is still relatively weak, and multiple flashover trips may bring about the collapse of the entire system, resulting in a large-area, multi-equipment chain accident.
       Therefore, before designing and constructing the grid system, the degree of contamination of the surface of the outer insulator should be determined first to determine the pollution level of the area, and the appropriate creepage ratio of the outer insulation should be selected accordingly; for the high-voltage transmission lines and power plants that have been put into use, The external insulation equipment of substations and other places shall ensure that the surface contamination level is detected at least once a year to measure whether it may cause a pollution flashover accident, as a basis for judging whether the external insulation equipment needs to be cleaned or replaced. Through the above channels, the accident rate of pollution flashover is reduced to an acceptable level, and the impact of pollution flashover accidents on the national economy is minimized.
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Product Features
     1. using excellent sensor structure, digital multi-point linear correction and multi-point drift correction, advanced technology
     2. a variety of measurement modes to choose from, the range design meets the actual measurement requirements
     3. power on self-test, external calibration, automatic screen saver
     4. full transparent sealing cover production, beautiful appearance, easy to use

Temperature uniformity     ±1℃
Filtration flow     60L/Min
The maximum degree of vacuum filtration     0.098Mpa
Single head exhaust air filtration     10L/min
The number of air filtration     2pcs
Supply voltage     220±10%
Ambient temperature     5~40℃

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