Density relay calibrator

Density relay calibrator

Type: ZC-810
       The calibrator uses a high-precision pressure sensor and a high-speed A/D converter. Combined with a 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, it can perform performance verification on various SF6 gas density relays, and can accurately measure the pressure at the current temperature during signal operation. The value automatically calculates the standard pressure for any ambient temperature at 20 °C, and has the functions of printing, storage and U disk dump, and automatically recognizes the fault during the test. The product is easy to carry, simple to operate, high in test accuracy, strong in stability, and good in reliability, reflecting the "smart" characteristics of the instrument.
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Product Features
     1. High test accuracy: The core components are imported devices with high integration, high precision, good repeatability and high reliability.
      2. highly intelligent: the calibration process does not require a constant temperature chamber, and the SF6 gas density relay and pressure gauge can be verified in any effective temperature range. The pressure and temperature dynamic compensation algorithm is used to automatically complete the pressure measurement and the equivalent pressure value conversion at 20 °C, and display the pressure at the current temperature and the equivalent pressure at 20 °C, effectively solving the problem of difficult field verification of the SF6 gas density relay.
      3.powerful: can test a group of alarm signals, two sets of blocking signals at the same time, and has a normal temperature pressure gauge check and 20 degree pressure gauge verification function.
      4.friendly man-machine interface: configuration of large screen Chinese LCD screen and rotating mouse man-machine interface, simple operation, beautiful interface, all parameters and status at a glance. The test process is automatically completed without manual intervention, avoiding cumbersome manual air path adjustment operations.

Working power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Instrument power 50W
Instrument accuracy 0.2
Pressure calibration range 0~1MPa
Pressure verification resolution 0.001MPa
Temperature measurement range -20 ° C ~ 80 ° C
Temperature measurement resolution 0.1°C
Working humidity ≤90%RH

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