Automatic Capacitance Inductance Tester

Automatic Capacitance Inductance Tester

Type: ZC-800A
       The instrument adopts a new generation of high-speed hybrid microprocessor, which is highly integrated, synchronously collects the voltage signal and current signal of the tested product, and automatically calculates the capacitance value, the inductance value and the reactive power value. The on-site measurement capacitor eliminates the need to remove the connection line, simplifies the test process, effectively improves work efficiency, and avoids damage to power equipment. After the test, the capacity of each phase capacitor and other parameters are automatically calculated, and it is easy to discriminate the quality change of the capacitor and the connection conductor failure between devices. At the same time, the instrument also has data storage and USB communication functions, eliminating the need to copy data on site to ensure complete measurement data.
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Product Features
      1.four-terminal measurement: using four-terminal measurement technology, accurate measurement, good test repeatability
      2. automatic compensation: current automatic segmentation compensation, current full-scale linearization, improve instrument measurement accuracy
      3. storage function: the instrument stores a maximum of 400 data, with historical data query function
      4.USB communication: USB communication function, with PC software, to achieve data analysis, save, print and generate a complete test report, easy to manage data centrally
      5.large-size touch screen: 7-inch large screen true color touch LCD display, Chinese display, intuitive interface, easy to operate
      6.temperature monitoring: monitoring the ambient temperature, easy to record the capacitance value of the capacitor at different temperatures
Current measurement Current measurement range  0~20A
Measurement accuracy ±(3.0% readings +0.05A)
Resolution 0.01
Inductance measurement Inductance measurement range small inductance mode  0.1mH~5mH  
large inductance mode  5 mH~50H
Inductive reactance measurement range 50mΩ~20KΩ
Measurement accuracy ±(3.0% readings +0.05mH)
Resolution 0.01mH
Resistance measurement Resistance measurement range small resistance mode  50mΩ~1Ω
 large resistance mode  1Ω~20KΩ
Measurement accuracy  ±(3.0% readings +0.05Ω)
Resolution 0.01 Ω 

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