Full automatic capacitance and inductance tester

Full automatic capacitance and inductance tester

Type: ZC-800
ZC-800 full-automatic capacitance and inductance tester has the characteristics of small measurement workload, fast and simple, stable performance, accurate measurement and high fault detection rate. In addition, its current measuring unit can also be used for measuring CVT, arrester and other electrical equipment, with the effect of one machine and multiple functions.
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Product Features
1. Automatic range conversion;
2. Storing 2000 test data;
3. Large screen LCD (320x240lcd) display, English menu operation prompt;
4. The waveform and measurement processing data are displayed on the same screen, making the test process more intuitive
5. It has the function of setting, correcting and debugging.
ZC-800 automatic capacitance and inductance tester adopts bridge circuit structure, and standard capacitor and tested electric container are two arms of bridge circuit. When measuring the capacitance value of the capacitor, the test voltage is applied to the standard capacitor and the tested capacitor at the same time. The processor collects the current signals flowing through the two capacitors through the sensor and processes them to get the capacitance value of the tested capacitor. Because the synchronous sampling technology of standard capacitor and tested electric container is adopted, it cannot be affected by the fluctuation of power supply voltage; in addition, the measurement process is fully automatic, avoiding the error caused by manual operation of pantograph, so it has the features of good stability, good repeatability, accuracy and reliability, and the machine has the functions of automatic identification and short-circuit protection of test object.
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