Zinc oxide arrester DC parameter testing machine

Zinc oxide arrester DC parameter testing machine

Type: ZC-711
         The zinc oxide arrester DC parameter tester is specially used for detecting the internal defects of the MOA valve of the gapless zinc oxide surge arrester for power systems of 10 kV and below, according to the "Procedure Test Procedures for Power Equipment" 4.4 of DL/T596-1996 It is stipulated that the power plant and substation should test the leakage current of DC 1mA (U1mA) and 0.75 U1mA for the metal oxide arrester before and during the annual thunderstorm season.

         The company has improved the instrument according to the field measurement requirements, and combines the DC high voltage power supply, measurement and control system to reduce the volume of the instrument and reduce the weight. The operation setting is user-friendly, remote remote measurement is realized by remote control, and the automatic measurement environment temperature function is added according to the measurement procedure. With large-capacity memory, 50 sets of test data can be stored, and power failure is not lost. Equipped with a high-speed thermal printer greatly improves the printing speed of test results. It is an indispensable equipment for on-site inspection of power systems and zinc oxide arrester manufacturers.
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Product Features
      1. Temperature measurement: Automatically sense the ambient temperature and record the test results.
      2. Internal power supply: AC220V AC can be used, or it can be powered by built-in rechargeable battery.
      3, easy to use: Chinese menu operation, measurement data display intuitive, built-in front paper change printer, easy paper change, fast printing speed.
      4. Accurate measurement: Full digital processing, built-in precision mathematical model, high measurement accuracy and good repeatability of test results.
      5, can store 50 sets of test data, power loss is not lost, and can be viewed at any time.
      6, easy to carry: height, volume, weight is only 30% to 70% of similar products, easy to carry.

Measuring range Voltage: 0 ~ 30kV
Resolution Current: 0.5μA
Accuracy 1% ± 2 words
Built-in power charging time 2-3 hours
Built-in power supply time ≥ 4 hours
Ambient temperature  -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Relative humidity ≤ 85% at 25 ° C
Altitude  <1000M
Charging voltage AC220±10%
Power frequency 50±1Hz

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