Zinc oxide arrester live tester

Zinc oxide arrester live tester

Type: ZC-710B
       The zinc oxide surge arrester is an electrical product used to protect various electrical equipment in the power system from overvoltage damage and has good protection performance. In order to check whether the performance of the zinc oxide arrester is normal, we have developed a zinc oxide arrester tester, which is a special instrument for on-site and laboratory detection of various electrical parameters of the arrester. It is widely used in the field of zinc oxide arrester. Monitoring (live testing) and laboratory (blackout maintenance) testing.
       The wireless transmission of the voltage measurement signal avoids the trouble of laying a long-distance voltage measurement line due to the distance between the arrester and the PT.
       The device adopts large-screen color LCD display, full Chinese menu prompt operation and printout. Make the human-machine exchange function stronger. The instrument has the characteristics of simple wiring, high measurement accuracy and high reliability. .
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Product Features
     1. The instrument is a high-precision test instrument specially used to detect the performance and quality problems of zinc oxide arresters; it also has the functions of electrical parameter test, vector analysis and harmonic test.
      2. Accurately measure voltage, full current, resistive current, capacitive current, 3rd harmonic current, 5th harmonic current, 7th harmonic current, phase difference of fundamental wave current before the fundamental voltage, active power, Frequency and other electrical parameters
       3. Vector diagram showing the measured fundamental voltage and fundamental current
       4. Current measurement adopts direct wiring to ensure the accuracy of test data to the greatest extent.
       5, wired, wireless, no PT three measurement methods
       6, all test interface with screen lock function to facilitate user reading and analysis of data

Measuring range Voltage: 0 ~ 30kV
Resolution Current: 0.5μA
Accuracy 1% ± 2 words
Built-in power charging time 2-3 hours
Built-in power supply time ≥ 4 hours
Ambient temperature  -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Relative humidity ≤ 85% at 25 ° C
Altitude  <1000M
Charging voltage AC220±10%
Power frequency 50±1Hz

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